Flipkart’s new campaign dangles the carrot of ‘speedy delivery’ and turns Alia Bhatt into a superhero


In Flipkart’s three marketing campaigns, goals appear to trump safety. Imagine awakening from a car accident with a shattered smartphone. Who cares about living when you have a comatose smartphone? Well…

Imagine a commercial informing viewer they can discover the greatest smartphones on Flipkart and highlighting a few features. Flipkart’s three points distinguish it from other online marketplaces.

Alia Bhatt dons a superhero suit in three McCann Worldgroup India ads. This reprieve from online marketplace voice-over commercials is appreciated. Sambit Mohanty, head of creative, South, McCann Worldgroup India, says the Flipkart team pushed them out of their comfort zone. It worked.

“We might have used Alia as a celebrity endorser. Our quirky, playful brand tone and distinctive product choices lead us to ‘FlipGirl’. Flipkart is a superhero that saves you in several ways, says Mohanty. Prasoon Joshi, McCann Worldgroup India’s APAC Chairman, CEO, and CCO, says, “Flipkart’s message has always resonated, and we cherish this cooperation. This campaign’s creative strategy will enhance the brand-audience connection.”

Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor started sponsoring Flipkart in 2019. Latest adverts were filmed after her May 2022 wedding to Kapoor. The pair’s commercials centre on Amazon’s fashion products. India Ka Fashion Capital promotes itself. When the survivors mourn their lost valuables, Bhatt as FlipGirl comforts them with two claims:

  1. Flipkart offers top brands.
  2. One-hour delivery for phones, cosmetics brands, and TVs

The latter attracted our attention since swift commerce businesses have long emphasised fast delivery. Amazon has promoted its grocery service in similar lines.

Smrithi Ravichandran, VP, head of groceries at Flipkart, said research show consumers are comfortable with that delivery time period, instead of 15 minutes, as long as product quality isn’t affected. We’re unsure whether the delivery duration should be 90 minutes, 10 minutes, or someplace in between, and how much should be fresh vs dry food. Ravichandran: This involves greater use of dark shops and supply chain.

It’s fascinating that internet markets prioritise delivery speed. How will Flipkart meet demand? Will it employ dark shops or retailers? Where will fast delivery start? Press release: Flipkart’s senior VP and head of supply chain, Hemant Badri, stated, “Flipkart’s strong supply chain is developed throughout the nation, where items are received from the vendor, packaged, and delivered securely to the consumers.”

“As the holiday season approaches, people throughout the nation want speedy delivery without sacrificing quality and variety. The FlipGirl idea conveys our tech-enabled supply chain to millions of clients throughout the nation.

Jayanty says, “Since its founding, Flipkart has promised and provided a tremendous range at amazing value and speed. This is growing. We wanted to remind buyers that Flipkart can save the day.

Alia’s great abilities have brought FlipGirl to life. Next time, people don’t have to sacrifice variety or quickness for great pricing – they can listen to FlipGirl and purchase on Flipkart!”

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