For the first time in the history of T20 cricket,RCB Bring a Stylish and Sustainable Cheer Squad

Sustainable Cheer Squad
For the first time in the history of T20 cricket,RCB Bring a Stylish and Sustainable Cheer Squad

Mumbai, March 31st, 2023:

This IPL 2023, Ampere has become an official EV partner of Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB). 

Royal Challengers Bangalore, will play its first match on April 02, 2023. 

Starting from the first match, Ampere (the flagship electric two-wheeler brand from Greaves Electric Mobility Private Limited (“GEMPL”)),and Royal Challengers Bangalore will bring an electrifying combination of style and sustainability to the upcoming T20 cricket season with an extremely unique and purpose-driven cheer squad – the “Ampere Take Charge Squad” (Cheer Squad).   

This unique mix of fashion and eco-consciousness will align with today’s Gen Z and Millennials who are driven by a purpose of sustainability. The one-of-a-kind cheer squad stands for sustainability with their attire and musical instruments made from upcycled, recycled, and scrap materials. 

The cheer squad’s jumpsuits are made from upcycled or recycled eco-conscious fabric, use natural dyes for color and will feature the Ampere logo and the anthemic phrase #HarGullyElectric embroidered with ropes made from plastic packaging waste. Fabric waste is used on the side of the pants using appliqué work to signify the electric arc. 

LEDs are used in the outfits to bring out the EV message of the brand, and the footwear is made of vegan material with elements of upcycled fabrics to add color and contrast. 

The Ampere Take Charge Squad’s musical instruments is made from materials such as broken instruments, pieces of wood, metal, buckets, plastic and scrapped petrol vehicle parts. These include a patched-up guitar, large and small drums made from PVC pipes and discarded metal, and other unconventional instruments made from discarded tyre material, repurposed geyser, refrigerator elements, lights, among other things.  The straps of the instruments are made from banana fiber and other recycled materials. 

Commenting on this collaboration, Sanjay Behl, CEO & Executive Director, Greaves Electric Mobility Private Ltd, said,This collaboration is a significant milestone for us as it aligns with our vision of promoting sustainability in every aspect. As one of the early entrants in the EV industry, our core purpose is to do our bit towards healing the planet and a sustainable Ampere Take Charge Squad is a step towards the same.” 

The Ampere Take Charge Squad will bring the stadium to life with chants and slogans that celebrate the spirit of the game and sustainability. Ampere will also be launching a contest for the RCB fans to submit their slogans and have them featured on match days. 

Rajesh Menon, Head & Vice President, Royal Challengers Bangalore, said, “As the world’s first Carbon Positive Cricket Franchise, we’re committed to year-round sustainability initiatives. With this unique integration, we hope to inspire our fans to join us in this mission and make conscious choices that benefit the pl