Fork Media Group comes up with ContextAds


Recently, Fork Media Group, a Media Tech product, announced the launch of ContextAds, which is going to be a programming platform to sanction the marketers, to go for a comprehensive approach towards digital advertising.

ContextAds have been delivering more than 1000+ brand campaigns and launchings via the properly managed service route. Taking an advancement from what they have been doing, to a much-sophisticated programming platform. These ContextAds allows brands to go for a well defined and thought out decision through its AI or ML supported platforms, simultaneously helping other fellow marketers to come up and establish a much stronger connection among brands. This launch is all about brands getting comminuted detailings like sentiments, emotions, and other users- generated entities so that they don’t have to completely depend upon a couple of keywords and classifications to make ad conclusions.

Being an SSP, ContextAds is a data management platform backed by one of its easy and soft combinations of data and other factors like viewability, brand safety, and of course, context quality. Besides supporting and helping fellow marketers, Fork Media is also assisting publishers to move forward with their yield extemporizing and improvising advertising space inventory on websites to lessen the unwanted space and also maximize views.

ContextAds was constructed with a vision of solving problems of dropping yields. Breaking  Conventional display of formats and moving to identify the missing links in the big chain. The ContextAds technology scans subjects and images through millions of pages, aiding to target the more relevant pages. The page screening technology of this new launch makes sure that the brand is never seen and associated with dishonest and inappropriate content. Also, their audience is majorly aiming to help and support the right audience, based on their impressions and interests. By bringing together the power of page content, context and the correct audience picked, the company makes sure that they are reached to the right and best audience every single time.


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