Freeletics: AI-driven fitness app


Some months back means during pre-COVID-19 days, people were busy with their day-to-day activities like office, taking kids to school, buying groceries and provisions, coming back home, doing house chores, etc. Therefore, never had a scheduled time for “GYM”, at least for some people.

This ongoing pandemic has made us adopt a new normal life. And, many of us rescheduled my daily routine from the start of the day to the end of the day. People have more than an hour to spend on exercise sessions daily at home during this hard time. This shows that in the post-COVID-19 days, there is a high probability for individuals who had gym membership might not renew or might not continue. People started to use a fitness app for workouts.

Freeletics an AI-based fitness app says that 80% of men are exercising without any access to the gyms. It shows that we are exercising without the gym. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) is an important part of modern fitness programs. Freeletics doesn’t show as it is better than a human trainer, but it says it will learn from the user and would create a unique workout pattern for the user.  

Freeletics CEO Daniel Sobhani says that AI would help a lot to know more about the user than the human trainer, because of the details provided by the user. AI does three main things.

  • Based on the profile of the user and comparing it with the other 50 million users of Freeletics AI predicts what kind of exercises that the user will be able to do and wants to do.
  • Create workouts from the sets of exercises while understanding how the user reacts and what results are obtained.
  • Do workouts based on the available equipment at home.

Sobhani says that after using the app, it is possible to understand the physical capability of a user.

Freeletics AI works by taking inputs from human experts, it follows a human-augmented AI approach and constantly updates the results and insights from the millions of users, so that it could help users better. Sobhani added that the company used data mining techniques and inference models to develop a personalized training experience based on user data.

AI-driven fitness trainer is better than a human trainer. It has more information about exercises and users. Therefore, Sobhani says that using machine learning techniques with limited parameters could cater to precise workout sessions.

A human trainer would know you more based on the injuries, imperfections, and can communicate more easily than AI. But then, during this hard time, the use of such apps would help people a lot.


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