FreshToHome offers customers a buying experience against a wet market


The wet market may be the reason for the dark shadow of the covid-19 pandemic on us. We will feel a thousand times more personal and eventful when we make a weekly visit to our local wet market to buy chicken and fish.

FreshToHome is a leading e-commerce platform located in Bangalore selling mainly meat and seafood items. Now the company aims at helping their customers with it. Without the “wet market pandemic thing”. They want to make their customer’s buying experience more convenient and hygienic.

The brand shows how they will do it in the three-ad campaign developed by Action & Co.

The first ad focuses on the effort that one customer makes to go out to buy meat from the market rather than ordering it online. Notice the black plastic bag against the FreshToHome pack and how the chicken is dropped straight into the kadhai from the pack.

Shan Kadavil CEO and co-founder of the FreshToHome company says that “FreshToHome is a new brand that vibrates with the changing needs of the young urban Indian customers. Through this TVC campaign, we are going to move a step forward and establish the brand as the facilitator to change the online chicken, fish, and meat industry.”

He also says that “At just a click the customers can order their favorite varieties of fresh meat and fish through our express delivery. Looking at the ongoing scenario of the covid-19 pandemic we don’t need our customers in trouble rather than we want our customers to stay home safe at the same time they can also have  their favorite food fresh and chemical-free”  

Customers can see the quality of their material in the second ad. The company also noted that “those days were gone where the people were cooking mutton and wasting time in front of it for whistle after a whistle. Now you will get the most tender and soft mutton and all other consumable meats that cook faster and taste delicious on your doorstep”

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