Frette and Tom Middleton deliver ‘The Sound of Slumber.’

Frette linen
Frette linen

On the occasion of World Sleep Day 2023 (March 17th), in support of deep relaxation and restorative sleep, the renowned Italian bed linen brand Frette collaborated with world-renowned wellness music pioneer and sleep science coach Tom Middleton, co-founder of White Mirror, to create ‘The Sound of Sleep,’ a world first collaboration that marries the luxurious materiality and tactile experience of Frette linens with sound design techniques ASMR, Spatial Audio, Binaural Aud.

The album, titled ‘Sound of Slumber,’ will be released on March 17th. Each piece is inspired by the sounds of the extraordinary fabrics used in Frette’s opulent bed linen lines, which have names like Linen Lullaby, Woolen Waves, and Cashmere Calm. The sound of the materials is cleverly replaced with usual calming natural noises like wind, rain, and waves using a unique binaural microphone. The album has been scientifically intended to encourage deep and restful sleep, guaranteeing that you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

“I aim to help millions sleep better, and as a sleep coach, I always encourage investing in high-quality bed linen,” says Tom Middleton. Natural white noise, such as waves, rain, or wind, is frequently included in my science-based sleep soundscapes. Our groundbreaking cooperation with Frette created an amazing creative opportunity to harness the power of ASMR and capture Frette’s magnificent textiles in a manner that sounds comparable to those essential natural sounds. This collection of recordings is intended to quiet the nervous system, reduce breathing and pulse rate, and completely relax the listener in preparation for a restful night’s sleep.”

Statistics, World Sleep Day 

Sleep, like eating healthy and exercising, is a cornerstone activity for one’s physical, mental, and social well-being. Yet, sleep is not often seen as a necessary habit for optimal health. World Sleep Day is an occasion to raise awareness about sleep health.

According to global data, over 36% of people do not get enough quality sleep. The CDC advises 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night, yet we’ve lost an hour since 1942. One in every five American individuals has difficulty sleeping every night, 70 million adults in the US suffer from sleep problems, and 80% want to improve their sleep. We spend one-third of our lives sleeping, thus optimising your sleeping environment is critical. Listening to nature-based white noise, ASMR noises, and calming music can help with relaxation and sleep.

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