Frooti revamping its image with the Badshah of Bollywood


The popular mango drink has created a good brand image among the different communities in India and the company recently has been launching attractive ad-campaigns as a part of restructuring its market strategies. The company has now roped in the Bollywood Badshah, Shah Rukh Khan, to give the brand a new image. The ad portrays the actor gulping the drink and the drink now comes in PET bottles and not in tetrapacks, the way it earlier used to be.

The drink has shifted from tetrapacks to PET bottles. It is to be noted that Frooti was the first drink that came out in tetrapacks and it also gained considerable attention. The strength of the brand is that the company has been in the market for a long time now and has created a deep impact in the minds of people. It is no exaggeration if someone says that the brand has become the generic of the category. This is also the weakness of the brand, since it should plan each move carefully and swiftly.

The real challenge for the brand is to get back the magic and the brand is trying to combat the need by casting the bollywood heart-throb. The company is in a race to shift its base to the celebrity brand-wagon. When Frooti is making its efforts to bring back the magic, its competitors are braving the race by casting ads that equalize that of Frooti.  Slice and Maaza are posing a stiff competition for Frooti and Slice has gone a step ahead in casting the Bollywood beauty Katrina Kaif to redefine its brand image.

The recent Frooti commercial features a bunch of kids watching Shah Rukh Khan gulping Frooti on a Football field. When the actor takes a look at others after finishing the drink he finds a bunch of kids and young adults longing for Frooti. The brand is trying to capture the feel of thirst and the new TVC is surely going to communicate the message in a big way to the target group.





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