GCPL introduces INR 15 shampoo hair colour brand ‘Godrej Selfie’ in Karnataka

Godrej Selfie
GCPL introduces INR 15 shampoo hair colour brand 'Godrej Selfie' in Karnataka

Bengaluru, 27 March: With a new shampoo hair colour brand at INR 15, Godrej Consumer Products Ltd (GCPL), one of India’s largest hair colour company, has democratised hair colour category in South India. Exclusively for the southern states like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Kerala, the company launched ‘Godrej Selfie’, a 5-minute quick shampoo hair colour brand. Godrej Selfie makes hair colouring convenient and accessible for everyone.

The Indian shampoo hair colour market is currently pegged at INR 677 crore. This format has gained popularity quickly, perhaps more so in South India. Currently, South region accounts for 50% of the entire shampoo hair colour market estimated to be around INR 336 crore. There is another INR 100 crore market in South comprising of consumers using formats like hair colour powder and mehendi. With its history of expertise in hair colours, GCPL now has the first mover advantage with Godrej Selfie as there are no shampoo hair colours in South offered at a disruptive price point of INR 15. 

Commenting on the rationale behind the brand, Neeraj Senguttuvan, Category Head – Hair Care, Godrej Consumer Products Ltd (GCPL), said, “Shampoo hair colour is the true do-it-yourself hair colour format which can be done by oneself with complete ease. Hence, we have named our new shampoo hair colour brand – Godrej Selfie. The brand aims to democratise the hair colour market in South by providing both short and long hair pack options for both men and women starting at just INR 15.” 

He further added, “With consumers looking for convenient and affordable solutions in all walks of life, GCPL is disrupting the hair colour category with ‘Godrej Selfie’ – the most affordable shampoo hair colour launched yet. We are targeting a market of INR 450 crore with this launch.”

Godrej Selfie is a winning product due to its improved formulation. Its no-ammonia formula prevents hair damage. The product is enriched with the goodness of aloe-vera providing softness and smoothness to hair, making it look radiant and healthy. The unisex product comes in two sizes, INR 15 pack meant specially for short hair consumers while INR 30 pack is primarily for long hair consumers.

Godrej Selfie shampoo hair colour is the most effortless and hassle-free hair colouring experience. To use the product, simply cut open the sachet and apply the contents to dry hair. Massage it all in and then wash it off in 5 minutes. It is a convenient option for consumers who may not have the time or resources to visit a salon or use traditional hair colour products.