‘Get noticed’: A digital Grooming School from Miss India Organization to power the aspirants’ personality


– Bringing the legacy, the tradition, the experience, now making it easily accessible. Seven subjects, Seven celebrity mentors, and one life-changing school — The Grooming School from the House of Miss India

March 3, 2022: The Miss India Organisation has decided to leverage its vast experience and expertise in transforming women into confident and successful winners in life by launching The Grooming School. It is a suite of ‘Do-It-Yourself’ video tutorials conducted by acknowledged and acclaimed experts who have been behind many successful Miss India winners and aims to bring this knowledge to the larger Indian audience and not just pageant participants.

The Grooming School is aimed at young women who would like to sharpen their personality and technical skills to stand out from the crowd and succeed. These modules aim to touch all the elements of one’s personality that help in building confidence and appeal. The world is moving more and more into a networked society and the need to hold their own with a strong personality is becoming imperative.

The Grooming Masterclass is the ideal finishing school for aspiring individuals. The six modules include Skincare, Hair Care & Styling, Make-up, Personality Development, Fashion Styling and Social Media Etiquettes and involve self-paced learning. It is a first-of-its-kind comprehensive learning programme in this domain that provides end-to-end learning solutions for learners through a delivery-to-device model.

In addition to the modules for the larger audience, The Miss India Organisation is also launching the ‘Ace Your Pageant – A Miss India Masterclass’ as a marquee offering specifically for pageant aspirants who wish to take part in Miss India or Miss Diva. This course elevates learning to prepare one for a pageant. This is aimed at those who wish to compete for the coveted crown by acing their poise, presence, communication, beauty, body language, body structure, attitude, and discipline. The additional modules focus on-ramp walking, fitness and other expert sessions and hacks on personality development and life skills.

In an age where women are increasingly seeking to be independent and take control of their lives, they need to possess self-esteem, be confident and poised, be well-versed in social etiquette and self-grooming. While a lot of urban educated women have been taught to mind their ‘P’s and ‘Q’s and keep abreast of other social norms, there are a whole lot of Indian women who haven’t had that kind of an early grounding. While it doesn’t dampen their dreams or aspirations; easy and affordable access to contemporary lessons in physical, emotional, and social grooming will go a long way in helping them realise their dreams.

Applicants can log in to https://thegroomingschool.in/ for more information about the programme.

The Miss India Organisation over the past six decades has been the strongest platform for young women to empower themselves and realise their life dreams. The institution is witness to Indian women and their struggle to break out of male dominated society and make space for themselves. Many winners over the years have used this platform to make a positive change towards women empowerment and the society at large. The Miss India Organisation has been pioneers in triggering this evolution and are proud to be able to make a huge difference in the lives of many women across the country.

It is the ideal starter programme for all pageant aspirants. Earning a certificate in ‘Ace your Pageant’ course gives the candidate an immense benefit of ‘Cutting the Queue’ if applying for these two pageants. As thousands of applicants are screened for auditions many don’t even get a chance to present themselves and make a pitch. But with this certificate they will be able to enter the auditions without going through the screening process and get a chance to present themselves to the talent spotting team of Miss India Organisation.

Eight renowned fashion, beauty, fitness, personality development, and social media experts from the industry have meticulously prepared these tutorials, sharing secrets, tricks, and hacks they’ve acquired during their years in the trade. They include Savio John Pereira (Haircare), Alesia Raut (Ramp Walk), Sanjeev Dutta (Personality Development), Nehal Chudasama (Fitness), Nitibha Kaul (Social Media Etiquette), Bharat Gupta (Fashion & Styling), Zara Dadi (Skincare), and Ayesha Seth (Makeup).

The programme is open to applicants from all walks of life above 16 years of age who ardently wish to uncover their true potential and achieve big things in life. The Grooming School – From The House Of Miss India, has a special early bird offer with a discount of over 25 per cent for all enrolments during the inaugural year. The applicants will receive certificates from ‘The Miss India Organisation’ on completing the course.

A Spokesperson from Miss India Organisation said, “We are truly excited to take our knowledge to a wider audience and help many across the country with this digital offering as many are unable to even get an opportunity to upskill themselves. Over the last 60 years, we have been acquiring knowledge and understanding of these skillsets and it is a brilliant time for us to take it across the country. It would be a commendable platform for learners to enhance their grooming skills and develop their overall personalities. The Grooming School can realise the dreams of aspirants through life skills taught during the course duration that is designed by domain experts, considering the evolving industry requirements. They can hugely benefit and elevate their profile while preparing themselves for life or pageants through structured education developed by the Miss India Organisation.”

An official statement from Times Professional Learning said, “The launch of The Grooming School – From The House Of Miss India is a splendid opportunity for those looking to learn the nuances of beauty and fashion from leading industry experts. These programmes will develop competencies among learners across geographies through tech-enabled platforms and advance their learnings through innovative and modern mechanisms. These programmes will be a fillip to enhance their knowledge and skills, boost their confidence, and overall development.”