Get Ready to Fall in Love with these specially curated Valentine’s Ensemble by Colorbar

Get Ready to Fall in Love with these specially curated Valentine’s Ensemble by Colorbar

‘Tis the season of ABSOLUTE LOVE. The city, its people, and its vibe are all about cult-fav reds, sparkly confetti, heart-shaped chocolates, handwritten lil’ love notes, and most of all – perfectly pretty roses! And you are running out of time if you haven’t hopped onto the ride that celebrates love in all its glory. So chop-chop! Bring on your love goggles if you haven’t already and gear up for some heart-filled, fun-packed celebrations! 

Whether it’s with your Mr. or Ms. Perfect, your BFF, or even your pet! Or if you wish to fly solo, there are no rules, no bounds, and zero inhibitions! Evolve with flair, drama, and style to celebrate Valentine’s day YOUR way!

This year, Colorbar celebrates #PyaarWithoutBar to unhinge the magic that lies within and blur all romantic boundaries! Be it silky lip shades, sparkly highlighters, or dark, smoky hues to dial up the drama, opt for Colorbar’s curations for your Valentine’s Day-inspired looks this year.

PowerKiss Vegan Matte Lip Colors

This Valentine’s, the perfect superpower at your side is Colorbar’s PowerKiss Vegan Matte Lip Color! The exquisite vegan transfer-proof lip color, priced at INR 499, delivers an intense matte finish in just a single stroke! Available in an ensemble of 26 ultra-flattering shades, you get to pick your poison to suit your curated look. 

Sinful Matte Lip Colors

Colorbar’s Sinful Matte Lip Color is so rich, so silky, and so bold – it is practically a sin you’ll feel like committing over and over again. Every stroke of the lip color is sensually creamy and gives a luxurious matte finish! Wear it comfortably through D-day, as the core ingredients deliver an ultra-soft touch to your lips! Explore a stunning range of 24 lipstick shades, each priced at INR 1,200.

Vegan Nail Lacquers

With nail colors, there are no rules! On this special day, whether you prefer classic shades, bold hues, or playful patterns, there’s a Colorbar Vegan Nail Lacquer out there for everyone! If you’re looking to make a statement, try a bold and bright shade like neon pink, electric blue, or fire-engine red. For a sophisticated look, opt for a nude or neutral shade – a classic choice for those who prefer a timeless look. The 100% vegan and cruelty-free product is a long-lasting gel-like texture to keep those nails dazzling for days at a stretch! Available in a stunning range of 128 shades, the Vegan Nail Lacquer is priced at INR 175.

12-in-1 Eyeshadow Palettes

Colorbar’s 12-in-1 Eyeshadow Palettes consist of shimmering hot – gold, dark, and ruby glitters that leave a gleaming finish. Made with an exquisite and rich formula, Colorbar’s 12-in-1 Eyeshadow Palette delivers a velvety texture, and richly pigmented color with ample versatility to experiment even more! The 12-in-1 Eyeshadow Palette range has 3 exclusive palettes, which are a mix of complementing shades that help one achieve their desired look. Each palette is priced at INR 2200.

Colorbar’s Fragrances

Colorbar’s newest and the most exquisite range of fragrances is a tempting blend of grapefruit, bergamot and pear for one to feel like they’re entering a beautiful new era! Each fragrance is effervescent with bright, sparkling notes that make one feel phenomenal, powerful, and sensual. Colorbar has newly launched its range of fragrances in 24 varieties for both Men & Women, ranging from INR 249 – 1699.

Sexy Twosome Highlighter 

Colorbar’s Sexy Twosome Highlighter is a multi-dimensional highlighter duo that enhances the look of skin with reflective finishes ranging from a soft, luminous glow to an amped-up shine. Its ultra-fine, light-diffusing particles melt seamlessly with every skin tone. Like a veil of light, it illuminates the face with a weightless feel, making it the perfect ensemble to deliver that extra shine! Bring on the ultimate sheen with Colorbar’s Sexy Twosome highlighter, priced at INR 699.