Global Digital Marketing Report 2015


The growth of internet is to an extent that there is an endless environment for obsolescence and creation. Those ideas that were once the dominant ones have now become irrelevant as the digital developments have occupied their position. As this transformation is rapid, marketers are forced to stay updated constantly. These insights have been given by Razorfish in the their Global Digital Marketing Report 2015.

The report uncovers the expectations of global commerce in recognizing the effects of digital improvements and bringing the key trends that shape marketing. Also, the report will provide marketers with an idea on how to implement and adapt the findings.

The study has found that mobile dominates the shopping expense and as the mobile payment technology grows significantly, mobile is becoming more important to enhance the brand and retail experience.

It further adds that brands will have to focus on being useful and not on being interesting. The report notes that consumers are avoiding advertising as those consumers in the four regions are avoiding advertising the maximum by using tools such as DVRs. The report makes it clear that consumers are preferring value and hence, they deflect disruptive advertising and choose the brands that offer them value. Eventually, brands that are user centric and help in transforming the customer’s lives are more successful.

Notably, it adds that e-commerce experiences are short of expectations. Though they have achieved massive accomplishments, consumers are not impressed completely. They feel the e-commerce experiences are not fulfilled as there are issues with return policies and shipping options that fail to satisfy the demands of consumers. They are not looking online and offline brands as different, but the brands are yet to get structured to provide support the same. Basically, consumers prefer cross channel convenience that is lacking by brands. If the brands provide good retail experiences both online and offline, they can stay ahead of the competition.

Consumers have admitted that they are dependent on technology. There are several elements that have been cited for the development of this dependence and they are connectivity and utility. The consumers say that they are more anticipated when they shop online than in a store.








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