Good Creator Co introduces Smart Campaigns, the first-of-its-kind programmatic approach to Influencer Marketing

Good Creator Co introduces Smart Campaigns
Good Creator Co introduces Smart Campaigns, the first-of-its-kind programmatic approach to Influencer Marketing

New Delhi, 6 June 2023: Good Creator Co, India’s largest creator ecosystem launches Smart Campaigns, a cutting-edge technology platform for brands, designed to revolutionize the landscape of influencer collaborations in India. 

Good Creator Co now offers a comprehensive range of features such as zero commission,  no agency or platform fees, 100% technology-driven campaign execution for faster results, and real-time analytics for effective campaign tracking. Setting itself apart from conventional influencer marketing tools, this platform goes beyond expectations by ensuring tangible outcomes for brands, including website visits and actual orders. With this unique proposition, Good Creator Co establishes itself as a pioneering tech platform in India, providing a risk-free solution for brands that seek guaranteed results.

To mark the launch, brands have the opportunity to sign up and experience their first influencer marketing campaign for free. By fostering accountability and empowering brands to make informed decisions about their marketing strategies, this initiative highlights Good Creator Co’s commitment to driving success for both brands and influencers. The platform has already been adopted by several leading Indian brands, including Puma, MyGlamm, Nua, Shoppers Stop, among others, and has consistently delivered impressive results.

Speaking on the launch, Sachin Bhatia, Co-Founder and CEO of Good Creator Co, says; “Like any new marketing solution, influencer marketing in its early days has been known to give at best fuzzy ROI. Recognizing the importance of guaranteed returns on investment for brands in influencer collaborations, we have introduced the ‘Smart Campaigns’. It’s time to make influencer marketing programmatic, similar to Google Ad words and Facebook Ad Manager.”

Good Creator Co leverages the AI expertise of it’s vast database and campaign analytics, gleaned from 1000s of campaigns executed. With access to a vast database comprising data from over 2 million creators in India, the platform employs advanced algorithms to automatically identify the most suitable creators capable of delivering the desired results for each brand. Through a data-driven approach, Good Creator Co eliminates the need for manual shortlisting, saving valuable time and effort. The platform intelligently selects the most appropriate nano and micro-influencers from its extensive network and seamlessly executes campaigns in an automated manner. To streamline the process further, Good Creator Co provides a dedicated creator app, enabling influencers to access briefs, plan their media, upload content, and conveniently receive payments, ensuring a seamless and efficient collaboration experience.

Since April 2022, Good Creator Co has facilitated 135,000 brand collaborations for creators. Over 2,000 brands utilize the Good Creator Co app, tapping into the extensive creator and influencer network for thousands of influencer marketing campaigns. Smart Influencer Marketing by Good Creator Co redefines brand approach to influencer campaigns by offering an all-in-one solution to overcome common challenges. With its deep integration of technology, the platform provides a seamless experience for brands in search of measurable results, solidifying Good Creator Co’s position as a game-changer in the influencer marketing industry.