Green Grocer Fraazo Becomes 2nd Largest Quick Commerce Player in India with 250 dark stores


Pioneering start-up’s Force 1 team takes the brand to new markets – Bangalore and Delhi NCR

National, December 17 2021: With investments flowing in, the quick commerce segment has seen a lot of action particularly in the past few months. Fraazo, one of India’s largest green grocer that set up foundation in 2019, is also strategically expanding their business and launching their service into new markets. Led by their robust Force 1 team, the pioneering startup will now be bringing their farm to fork e-grocery service to consumers in Bangalore and Delhi as well. Fraazo will now be available in 7 markets across the country with continuous plans to expand further. The company is projecting a revenue of $ 1 billion, with an aim to reach 10 million orders a month and 20 million households by 2023.

As the only quick commerce green grocer with a robust end to end supply chain, Fraazo brings the freshest of groceries from farm to fork in under 18 hours. They have collection centers spread across 26 districts, 7 states along with a reliable network of 10,000+ farmers across India. The green grocer’s intention is to grow 10x by June-July 2022 and to support their growth they will increase their delivery rider count from 3,000+ to over 20,000 in the next few months in addition to increasing their dark stores toll to a whopping 750 from 250. Additionally, they will inch closer to a network of 1 lakh farmers supplying farm fresh produce to all their dark stores. This will not only further their agenda to reach 15 cities by the following year, but also reinforce them as a disruptive leader in the category.

After launching in Hyderabad, within the span of two months, Fraazo is dominating the market in D2C fresh category.  In Bangalore, Fraazo promptly launched a large network of 38 dark stores and began tasting success with thousands of orders pouring in, in the launch week. Prioritizing freshness and hygiene over speed, Fraazo will always have an edge over competition. Even in relation to margins, the green grocer will continue to have a competitive advantage by virtue of their strong network with farmers. The company’s launch in Gurgaon and Pune have also been a success story like other states.

We have built a cross functional internal team of experts who help us accelerate our multi-city launches. Replicating an integrated supply chain model that brings fresh produce from farm to fork in under 12 hours is a mammoth task. But thanks to what we call our Force 1 team, we have penetrated city after city in the matter of weeks and not months. This cross functional team simultaneously works on all tracks such as building ‘Farmer-Fraazo relations’, setting up ‘Collection Centers’ around farms, setting up dark stores at strategic locations in the city and building a team of ‘Fraazo Riders’ for express delivery.said Atul Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO, Fraazo

Atul also added Right now we are focusing on Noida, Delhi and Ghaziabad but we have three separate Force 1 teams working synchronously to expedite our expansion goals. One team is working towards penetrating the eastern markets to start our operations in Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Guwahati and Patna. The second Force 1 team is working on increasing our penetration in West and Central India by taking us to Ahmedabad, Surat, Jaipur, Bhopal and Indore and a third team will support us in Southern markets by helping us reach Chennai, Mysore and Coimbatore. By the end of this financial year, we intend to cover all the Indian cities with a population of more than 2 Million.”

Fraazo boasts a total of 250 dark stores present in Mumbai, Gurgaon, Noida, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad. They have grown 4x in orders and revenue in the past three months with their current orders standing at the figure of 1 million orders a month. One of the key USP’s of Fraazo is their ‘One-Touch Delivery’ model that offers customers the freshest produce from farm to fork in a hygienic manner.