GST clarity for Indian fable sports enterprise investments TIOL Report


A recent whitepaper from (Tax Bharat Online) TIOL highlighted that Fantasy sports are on the face of innovation and investment for the previous couple of years.

It’s imperative for regulators to require a stock of the potential these sectors hold whereas making certain their revenues area unit taxed supported a valuation model that distinguishes between games of talent and games of likelihood.

With the exponential growth of fantasy sports and also the potential edges to India’s digital economy in mind, the whitepaper additionally counseled providing tax certainty to the business.

Still as making certain associate best charge per unit as essential factors for attracting investments, FDI, and making certain the expansion of government income for the govt.

India is the world’s largest Fantasy Sports market with around thirteen large integers Bharatn users, beating the USA’s 50-year-old standing because of the world leader.

Bharat is additionally home to the world’s largest Fantasy Sports operator and over one hundred fifty operators providing online fantasy sports.

According to the NITI Aayog draft pointers on the regulation of the Fantasy Sports business, with the numerous growth of this sector in recent years.

It’s tremendous potential to continue attracting foreign investment, increase innovation, and generate employment in Bharat.

With chop-chop, stormy demand, an outsized market of sports fans, and a complementing pool of engineering development talent in Bharat are on the cusp of turning into a world hub for this industry.

According to information cited within the TIOL report, the Fantasy Sports business has generated bureau 4700 chromium in revenue in FY21 that is projected to grow to bureau 9500 chromium by FY23.

In terms of investment potential, the Fantasy Sports business has already attracted bureau 10000 chromium in FDI as of 2021, with another bureau 15000cr in FDI projected over future 3 years.

Fantasy Sports operators have thus far paid bureau 15000cr in taxes for FY21 (GST + TDS + company Tax), which is calculable to quantity to bureau 15000cr between FY20 – FY24.

Speaking at a web forum, Prashant Rao, Partner, TMT Consulting, Deloitte spoke concerning the expansion of fantasy sports and its positive impact, “The sports market in Bharat is growing three times quicker and also the range of sports watchers is 800 million.

This greatly motivates our youth to require up the profession of sports and sports. Their area unit thirteen large integer Indians taking part in fantasy sports and it’s not perpetually concerning cash.

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