Harvard Business School invites Ironhill’s co-founder Harsha Vadlamudi to join the OPM Program.

Harvard Business School invites Harsha Vadlamudi
Harvard Business School invites Ironhill’s co-founder Harsha Vadlamudi to join the OPM Program.

Bangalore, 22 May 2023: Ironhill, the world’s largest microbrewery announced that one of their co-founders, Harsha Vadlamudi has been accepted into the OPM Program at the Harvard Business School. The Program is designed specifically for accomplished entrepreneurs and business owners who have demonstrated outstanding success in their respective industries.

By welcoming Harsha Vadlamudi into the program, Harvard Business School aims to provide an extraordinary opportunity for the other participants.  Harsha Vadlamudi is widely recognised for his remarkable achievements in the brewery world. As one of the founders of Ironhill, he has achieved unprecedented growth for his ventures and established a strong reputation for innovation. His profound impact on the industry makes him an ideal addition to the OPM Program at Harvard Business School.

A dynamic entrepreneur and innovator, Engineering remains one of Harsha’s primary passions. He has journeyed along the entrepreneurial path, creating self-sustaining organizations that support risk-taking, and invite collaboration. Over the years he has forayed into diverse industries ranging from F&B, Healthcare, Entertainment, infrastructure to startups and has successfully left his mark in each of these industries. By partnering with various stakeholders and associates, he is creating a conglomerate of companies that is a legacy in the making with roots in the Telugu and Kannada heartland while aiming for national recognition and international ambition. Joining an esteemed program at Harvard is just one more step in the same direction. 

“I am honoured to join the esteemed OPM Program at Harvard Business School. This is a truly momentous occasion for me. I look forward to collaborating with such a prestigious institution and interacting with other business leaders. The look forward to sharing my experiences, insights, and learning from the diverse perspectives of the participants.” says Harsha Vadlamudi.

After completing his education in the US, Harsha Vadlamudi desired to venture into the world of beer brewing. In 2012, he transformed this aspiration into reality by co-founding Yardhouse Brewery Pvt Ltd alongside three partners. Today, Harsha oversees the infrastructure of Prost, one of the largest microbreweries in Hyderabad, as well as Ironhill, a leading and fastest growing craftbrewery in the country.  His objective is to keep the establishments he manages in the spotlight, all while prioritising the delivery of top-notch quality and ensuring utmost customer satisfaction.

Throughout the OPM program, Harsha will contribute his expertise through interactive sessions, insightful case discussions, and practical examples drawn from his vast experience. By sharing invaluable insights and lessons learned, he is set to inspire the program participants and empower them to tackle, adapt and hone their leadership skills.