HDFC Life’s new digital campaign


‘AdhuraNahiPuraInsurance’ is a digital campaign launched by HDFC Life. HDFC Life has advanced the notion of Human Life Value (HLV) with the campaign, allowing consumers to better understand the need for proper life insurance and determine life insurance coverage based on their financial and life goals. 

According to the firm, many people get inadequate life insurance and end up underinsured. This might be devastating to the family’s well-being if the breadwinner were to pass away. 

The goal of life insurance is to replace income in the event that a family member who earns a living dies. HDFC Life’s goal with this campaign is to encourage people to use the Human Life Value Calculator (HLV) on the company’s website to calculate their desired life cover. 

The campaign, according to Vishal Sabharwal, Head of Marketing, Digital Business, and E-commerce, HDFC Life, consists of three films starring the outstanding Pratik Gandhi, in which the protagonist is present in circumstances depicting the repercussions of inadequate preparation. 

The situations are familiar, and the scenes are funny, demonstrating how ‘adha adhura,’ or incomplete deeds, can get you into trouble. Vishal Sabharwal, Head of Marketing, Digital Business, and E-commerce at HDFC Life, commented on the campaign, saying that India has a significant population that is either uninsured or underinsured, resulting in a large protection gap. 

With the rise in the number of young workers, there is a larger demand for life insurance to protect the family’s breadwinner. 

Furthermore, the epidemic has highlighted the importance of having a financial safety net. Calculating the Human Life Value should ideally be the first step in the life insurance purchase process. It guarantees that the coverage is adequate and that the policy’s objectives are met. 

They hope to raise awareness about the importance of having proper life insurance coverage with this campaign. The films are brief, straightforward, and efficiently deliver the idea. They aspire to reach a wider audience and help people protect their financial futures. 

The evolving face of advertising, in which the Brand and Brand Ambassadors work together to actively back up the promises they make to their customers. The campaign will be promoted through a variety of mediums, including television and the internet. 

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