HDFC Securities resolve technical issue bringing market operations back to normal


Due to a technical glitch, HDFC Securities flagged that no confirmations were received for the orders already placed in the NSE cash segment. HDFC securities have begun investigating the issue to find the root cause of it. The incident happened within an hour of market opening for trading. This technical glitch came within days of another technical glitch on the NSE that had halted trading. After the issue was resolved, a spokesperson for NSE said that all the operations were being carried out smoothly and normally. A tweet was put out addressing the technical glitch at 10.01 am by HDFC securities and at 11.53 another tweet from them said that the issue was resolved by 9.50 am. At around 10.10 am BSE tweeted saying that it didn’t have any issue in the case of fresh orders or square-offs at the exchange and they gave all segments working fine statements to those investors and brokers who were complaining and reporting problems faced by them on Twitter in the morning. They said that no one had reported any issues that day or that week at the BSE.

HDFC securities gave out a statement confirming that they had a technical glitch because of which confirmations for the orders placed in the cash segment of NSE were not received. They also claimed that the issue has been resolved and that they are probing into the matter to find out the root cause. During the glitch, all of their other digital platforms and segments were reportedly working just fine. At 10.01 am HDFC Securities posted a tweet saying that they had blocked trading in NSE cash owing to the technical glitch and they went on to request their customers to place cash orders on BSE instead. But within 15 minutes they tweeted once again saying that the issue was resolved.

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