Heads Up for Tails launches new campaign #AdoptHER

heads up for tails
Heads Up for Tails launches new campaign #AdoptHER

March 27, 2023: Heads Up For Tails, India’s leading pet care brand has recently launched #AdoptHer – a cultural impact campaign to spread awareness about the importance of giving Female dogs a loving home. It is unfortunate that only 2 out of 10 female dogs find loving homes. Many are pushed to breed or are left on the streets. Not being neutered leads to painfully risky pregnancies and high mortality rates. The campaign aims to influence the mindset that people have toward female dogs and spread awareness about the importance of providing shelter to them. 

Founder of HUFT, Rashi Narang, said, “This cause is very close to my heart because my dog, Sara, female, is the guiding force behind HUFT. Now we have multiple female rescue indies like Chelsea, Elsie, and Pinky as a part of our family. Female dogs are affectionate, alert, and very smart. I encourage people to break the gender bias and give female dogs the lives they deserve.”

Samriddh Dasgupta, CMO of HUFT, added, “There are several myths and misconceptions that need to be debunked in order to give every female dog a loving home. HUFT, being at the forefront of animal welfare campaigns, aims to educate people and spread awareness about the underlying issues faced by female dogs all across the country, with the view to encourage everyone to adopt and care for them. The HUFT foundation strives to bridge the gap between humans and animals by helping them coexist peacefully.”

HUFT Foundation has always promoted equal treatment for all animals – male or female. To date, HUFT has adopted close to 150 dogs, of which 80% are female dogs. It has also rescued dogs and is running adoption campaigns in Delhi and Bangalore for Female Dog and Cat adoption. The Heads Up For Tails Foundation, driven by a commitment towards animal welfare, has made a significant impact, providing over 1.5 million meals and 10K reflective collars to street animals across India. The Foundation’s work is a testament to the company’s unwavering mission to give a voice to the voiceless.