Healthcare homogeneity: CLIRNET launches Doctor’s Voice, a digital platform for discovery of healthcare delivery challenges


●     250,000+ doctors registered with CLIRNET will use Doctor’s Voice as a platform to articulate their views and voice.

●     Doctor’s Voice would provide actionable intelligence & feedback to medical associations, public healthcare managers, members of academia, pharma professionals, and hospital operators to improve healthcare delivery

Thursday, April 07, 2022: CLIRNET, India’s largest Live Digital CME & Doctor Generated Medical Content Platform, has announced the launch of Doctor’s Voice, a free-to-register digital platform that assists in the accurate articulation of views and voices of the doctor community. The platform generates real-time insights and knowledge for all entities in the healthcare system. These insights are developed based on the views of 250,000+ CLIRNET registered doctors and stakeholders from the outcome of hundreds of clinically significant polls and surveys propelled by CLIRNET’s proprietary knowledge engine. The objective behind the platform is to bring all healthcare stakeholders together under one digital roof for the advancement of the Indian healthcare system and to create efficiency in healthcare delivery.

The platform will provide expert opinions and industrious foresight to medical associations, public healthcare managers, members of academia, pharma professionals, hospital operators, and medical equipment merchants and technicians. As a survey analytics platform, Doctor’s Voice leverages innovative data and audio technologies to measure doctor sentiment real time. It brings forth reliable information about the pertinent on-ground situation faced by frontline health workers across India to the government, academia, and industry. Registration and access to the platform is free at

Speaking about the launch of Doctor’s Voice, Saurav Kasera, Co-Founder of CLIRNET, said, “There is no exact value or price for knowledge. At CLIRNET, we believe that Doctor’s Voice will be a one-stop solution that creates cohesion and interconnection between the doctors and the various stakeholders orchestrating the services in the healthcare industry. The benefits will cascade to the entire healthcare ecosystem through the delivery of accessible, equitable, and affordable care! The North Star for Doctor’s Voice is to become the pulse of India’s health.”