Here’s how marketers are shifting their approach with new MarTechs


Martech tools are getting dynamic like never before. It is changing at such a pace that many marketers find it difficult to adapt with the new developments. Innovation as such is never going to help any organization and merely just investing in those tools is simply a waste of resources.

The biggest mistake that many marketers make is that they just try to fit in the Martech stack into their traditional way of working. Acceptance of the innovation by people from top to bottom is very important. In traditional ways, there is top-down, silos system where innovation was being trapped by someone at the top. But now, it is necessary that everyone gets to have their hands on the new MarTech tools.

For the smooth functioning, it is important that everyone’s contribution is being compiled and everyone gets to have equal technological assistance. Many new MarTech tools are designed for such flexibility.  According to sources, many surveys conducted on head marketers show that these days they have to do relegate their jobs and liaising with other parts of the organisation is a common thing. The roles of the marketers are really changing.

Marketers these days are tending to getting closer to their customers. It is also immensely valuable also to interact with customers directly because building relationships are most important aspect of retaining customers. They also have to function at different levels of the business such as operations, strategy, and managing customer responses in addition to connecting with product and sales. Also, building a good relationship with customers and interacting with them are important because marketing decisions based only on data from software have risk of missing out the subtleties of human values.

The mistake of overly getting excited about technology can be made by any marketer. They should seriously consider the ayes and nays of implementing any new MarTech tool. This is where creating a strategy becomes important. This may include planning and figuring out how the technology is to be used and how it is going to help.

With the changing technological environment marketers are evolving and adapting to the new developments by changing their traditional ways.