Hombale Films unveil ‘KGFVerse’ & its Avatars are now on sale


~Sale of NFTs has gone live on Lysto~

Mumbai, April 07, 2022: Hombale Films, the producers of KGF today announced the opening of NFT sale of its much-anticipated digital avatars on metaverse known as “KGFverse.” This comes ahead of the release of the magnum opus KGF: Chapter 2, slated to hit the big screens on April 14, 2022. Hombale Films and Lysto have partnered with BookMyShow to unveil KGFverse in India.

‘KGFVerse’ is a digital avatar-based metaverse where fans of this super-hit franchise can build games and virtual environments. The sale of the avatars has gone live on https://lysto.io/ . Fans of Yash can now explore and experience Rocky Bhai’s Duniya in the Metaverse. The second instalment of the movie has received astounding response so far and the sale of NFTs will further propel the enthusiasm for the film. Fans all over the world have been waiting with bated breath to witness their favourite character in the new age digital world. This allows them to experience Rocky bhai’s world and build an engaging community of diehard fans.

The aim is to enable the fanbase to build a series of games and virtual environments to enable the extension of KGF into the metaverse. As a first step, fans gain access to the KGFverse chapter by owning the token of the El-Dorado book on which KGF is based. It enables the owners to become part of the membership club, which gives them access to avatars, props and land parcels of the movie in the form of NFTs.

Over time, developers will be able to build games using the NFTs to create and enhance the KGFVerse. Members of KGFverse will have exclusive access to NFTs, surprise airdrops and also attend physical events related to the movie.

Speaking about the NFT market and their plans ahead, Chaluve Gowda, Co-founder for Hombale Films said, “While Indian fans are getting their dose with international market in NFT and the artwork available online, the unconditional love that KGF has received and fans extend, offer an immense potential for us in ushering into this new world of Web 3.0. We are witnessing this that any Indian fan is not just a spectator or silent admirer of art, they want to be active stakeholders and want to go out of their way to support their idols. We know what our fans want and the whole purpose is about giving power to the fans to make their favorite stars closer and more accessible. Our KGFverse is giving fans an opportunity to support their artist directly, flaunt their fandom and become a part of the larger community. NFTs intrinsically capture the value that fandom has always had, this value is now a direct relationship and with ownership too. We are going to get bigger and better in this field, as the NFT market grows and it’s surely going to be the next big phenomenon for the entertainment and art industry.”

Releasing nationwide on April 14 in Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam, ‘KGF: Chapter 2’ is written and directed by Prashanth Neel, one of the most sought-after directors, and produced by Vijay Kiragandur under the Hombale Films banner. An emerging pan-India production house, Hombale Films is all set to bankroll some of the biggest projects in the industry over the next two years. Hombale Films is also the producer of their third pan-India movie with Prabhas titled ‘Salaar’.