Homegrown Brand Kaveri Launches its New Venture “Love by Kaveri” Embracing Sustainable Fashion and Handmade Homeware

Homegrown Brand Kaveri Launches its New Venture
Homegrown Brand Kaveri Launches its New Venture "Love by Kaveri" Embracing Sustainable Fashion and Handmade Homeware
‚ÄėLove by Kaveri‚Äô,¬†a¬†new venture by Kaveri¬†and¬†the brainchild of renowned designer Kaveri Lalchand,¬†with their ethos of¬†‚ÄúLove, Starts With You‚Ä̬†is pleased to announce its new advent in the¬†fashion¬†and¬†lifestyle industry.¬†With a commitment to¬†affordability,¬†¬†sustainability,¬†and a passion¬†for¬†exquisite craftsmanship, Love By Kaveri offers a unique blend of¬†ethically sourced apparel and handmade homeware¬†that embodies the essence of¬†love, style,¬†and¬†conscious living.
From¬†casual anti-fit silhouettes¬†to a variety of¬†crafted accessories¬†like¬†stoles & scarves, handmade jewelry, totes, bags & clutches,¬†Love By Kaveri’s myriad creations and designs are a testament to the brand’s commitment to¬†affordability,¬†and¬†premium quality.¬†Each piece is infused with¬†natural hues, block-resist prints, and dip dyes,¬†showcasing a blend of¬†traditional artistry¬†and¬†contemporary flair.
‚ÄėLove By Kaveri‚Äô is a perfect expression of love for all things¬†creative, joyous,¬†and¬†beautiful.¬†Influenced by the¬†concept of timeless living,¬†Love By Kaveri’s¬†holiday¬†and¬†everyday range¬†feature expressive styles that pay homage to nature with¬†an abstract finesse. Crafted using¬†sustainable fabrics¬†like¬†cotton, Tencel,¬†and¬†linen for apparel¬†and¬†jute, linen, and raffia¬†for a carefully crafted collection of¬†accessories, each piece and homeware is a perfect blend of¬†individuality¬†and¬†self-expression¬†of sustainable living.
“I believe in celebrating the beauty of life’s simple pleasures and expressing that joy through our creations,”¬†says founder and designer Kaveri Lalchand.¬†“Love By Kaveri is more than just a brand; it’s a lifestyle staple, a unique blend of sustainability, individuality, and our endeavor to ‚ÄėLovely Living‚Äô, and that ‚ÄėLove starts with You.‚Äô
For more about Love By Kaveri, please visit: https://lovebykaveri.com/
Visit the¬†‚ÄúLove By Kaveri‚ÄĚ stores¬†at:¬†
Kochi Store: Building No. 2, 5, Calvathy Rd, Kalvathy, Kunnumupuram, Fort Kochi, Kochi 68200
Mumbai Store: 6A, Vishnu Dham, Gurunanak Rd, Bandra West, Mumbai 400050
Chennai Store: 132, Kodambakkam High Rd, near Valluvar Kottam, Nungamabkkam, Chennai, 600034