How Agricultural sector is leveraging the digital twin in the 21st century?


A digital twin is one of the most appearing disruptive technologies in the 21st century as a digital copy of any real-life object in any domain. The digital twin technology is extensively utilized by multiple industries for effective and efficient products across the world. The agricultural sector has established to leverage digital twin in farming and other activities. It has already commenced vertical farming with added major cutting-edge technologies in some smart cities. Let’s explore how the agricultural sector in the 21st century is leveraging the digital twin.

The digital twin is demanded to bring smart farming for boosting farming sustainability and productivity. The farm management leverages digital twin to permit decoupling of physical flows in the entire process, especially in the COVID-19 pandemic. The farmers can effortlessly detect the errors and faults and start the operations remotely by depending on the real-time digital information along with digital twin technology. The present-day agricultural sector depends on real-time information through smart devices such as drones and smart equipment while incorporating Robotics, Cloud computing, AR, as well as IoT.

The digital twin technology authorizes the agricultural sector to analyze, enhance and plan multiple crop growths all around the year while maximizing yields. It is well-known that farming is driven by massive workflows. The cutting-edge technology helps to categorize crucial and valuable actions in necessary fields and be at the uppermost position in the value chain. It also helps farmers in having a complete understanding of the capacity, content, and quality of soil for various crops to improve productivity. The digital twin in farming hypothesizes some in-depth insights regarding expected yield in a year, the specific volumes of water and fertilizers, an appropriate amount of sunlight, weather predictions, as well as descriptions of potential crops.

Various visual and data analytics are put into the digital twin in the agricultural sector for computing patterns and traits in different kinds of crop seasons like plant height, health, growing velocity, and other minute details to maintain the best quality crops. AgTech companies can research and study to drive new solutions and alterations for the agricultural sector via the digital twin.

That being said, the digital twin is prosperous in the agricultural sector for its multiple useful applications throughout different crop seasons. Leveraging the digital twin technology in farming can increase crop productivity and gain international recognition for the finest quality crops. It helps to drive revenue for a country like India where farming contributes eighteen percent to the GDP.

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