How hostel start-ups should derive a marketing strategy?


The recovery for the hospitality industry is back heading in the right direction with fewer restrictions leading to pent-up demand for the travel sector, which was hit by the pandemic and its waves. Survive, revive, and thrive mantra has helped the world achieve faster-than-expected growth.

Today, budget-friendly social accommodation options have gotten more popular among GenZ and millennials, with hostels becoming their preferred choice. Though the concepts of backpacking and solo travel were considered part of the westernized lifestyle until some years ago, today’s youth show an excellent affinity for them. The chances to urge familiar with fellow travellers who share similar interests are a few things that pulls youth to hostels. With an ever-changing scenario, young hostel chains have to constantly update to remain relevant within the market. As a start-up, it’s an absolute must to strategize effective marketing ideas to attach with the target group.

Utilizing the voice of the customers:

Many travel start-ups still tend to work out negative reviews or constructive feedback as a threat to their service or reputation. They ought to have a look at this two-way communication as a chance to make their business, upscale, and develop future marketing strategies that herald more footfalls. Therefore, hostels are taking note to solving the concerns of their guests to create brand loyalty.

With the pressing must hear what guests want and supply them with a pleasing stay, the impetus is being laid towards developing Omni channel customer care listening tools and incorporating 24*7 centralized customer support.

Elevating the experience through technology/tech-empowered layer:

In today’s interconnected world, travellers have become increasingly demanding in how they need to speak. rather than discovering the phone, or booking online, they now want convenient and fingertip access to queries before, during, and after their stay Empowering the customer by increasing social interaction and elevating their experience through seamless technology is a crucial aspect that housing brands are now implementing to remain relevant and earlier than the curve.

Taking time to know the matter, recognizing the latent marketplace for hostels, and making constant updates to adapt to the evolving psychographics of an Indian backpacker, became more salient than ever for travel start-ups like backpacker hostels that are still a brand new concept for the Indian audience.

With the necessity to teach the youth about this new category, hostel brands today are observing relevant brand associations with existing players and partnerships with youth-based communities that are playing an instrument in expanding their target group.

To stay earlier than the curve within the ever-evolving competitive market landscape, hostel brands are increasingly investing in developing clear-cut marketing strategies, devising clear marketing plans, and updating them supported real-time customer feedback, technological progress, and creation of recent demands. Especially for a hostel start-up, the same up-gradation of strategy contemplating the user feedback and real-time seamless reference to the purchasers is proving decisive to hit the mark.

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