How much worth will your investments be after 10 years?


The most frequent question an investor asks is how much will his investments grow in subsequent 10 years or 15 years or any other time period, or, what will be the worth of his investments after 10 years and so on. Well, it’s an easy calculation. You don’t need to depend on an expert or your investment planner for this easy calculation. You can both use an excel sheet or if you are not satisfied working on an excel sheet, use a pen and a paper to calculate. We will discuss each the methods here:

There can be two cases:

  • Lumpsum investment
  • Regular investment on a monthly basis (just like, monthly SIP in a mutual fund)

How to calculate the value of your investments after 10 years, using an excel sheet

Lumpsum Investment

Future value of your lumpsum investment can be calculated using ‘Insert Function’ under the Formula tab on an excel sheet. Then choose ‘FV’ of Future Value option. Suppose, you want to calculate the future value of ₹1 lakh invested at 12% rate of return, after 10 years, here’s how to enter the figures in excel formula. The value of ₹1 lakh invested today at 12% for 10 years will become ₹3,10,585. Here, if you are not investing in a fixed return instrument, you have to assume the rate of return that you believe your investment will earn. This can also help you to find the future value of your goal. Let’s put it like this: how much will you spend on a computer course that costs ₹1 lakh today, after 10 years assuming the education inflation is 12% per year.

Regular investment on a monthly basis (just like, monthly SIP in a mutual fund)

Just like we do SIP in a mutual fund, if you invest ₹10,000 every month for eight years, assuming 12% annual returns, here’s how to enter these values in the same ‘FV’ formula. Since its monthly investment, the rate of return has to be divided by 12 and tenure or number of years have to be multiplied by 12. The future value of the monthly investment would be close to ₹16 lakh.

How to calculate the future value of your investment, using a paper and a pen

Not an excel user, no worries, you can try the formulas given below and calculate your investment’s future value.

Lumpsum investment

The formula is:FV= PV x (1+r%) ^n

Using the above-mentioned illustration,

FV= Future value,PV= present value of your investment = ₹1,00,000

r= rate of return =12

n= time period of investment = 10 yearsPutting the values in the formula,

FV=1,00,000 x ((1+0.12) ^10)

FV= ₹3,10,585

Regular investment on a monthly basis (just like, monthly SIP in a mutual fund)

Here’s the formula:

FV= I x (((1+r%) ^n) -1)/r%)Where,

FV=Future value,

I=Monthly investment = ₹10,000r= rate of return = 12/12 = 1(divide the interest rate by 12 since its monthly investment)

n= time period of investment = 8 years x 12 months=96

Entering the value in the formula,FV= 10,000 x (((1+0.01) ^96)-1)/0.01

FV= ₹15,99,273 or ₹16 lakh

These formulas can also be used to find out the future value of your current expenses or goals. And once you have an idea about future figures, you can plan your investments accordingly.


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