How to build a career as a DevOps cloud engineer?



  • A Bachelor’s degree in any relevant technical field is required
  • Extensive hands-on experience with Linux-based infrastructure
  • A deep understanding of Ruby, Python, Java, and Perl is required
  • Database configuration and management, such as MySQL
  • Troubleshooting skills with DevOps and Agile principles
  • Excellent communication, coding, scripting, testing, and software security abilities are required.

Top institutes that offer the program:

Centre for Technology and Management Education-> PG Programme in DevOps

European Leadership University-> Bachelor of Science in DevOps and Cloud Engineering

Presidency University-> Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Technology in DevOps.

Top recruiters for this position:

  • Accenture:

Accenture Cloud First harnesses the power of change to make Cloud’s promises to customers a reality. It offers industry-specific solutions to help businesses gain the benefits of cloud computing. The Cloud Ascent focuses on mastering five elements—migration and scale-up, receiving the most from hyper scalers, running and optimizing, modernizing and accelerating, and innovating and growing—can help businesses unlock prospects in the tech-driven market.

  • TCS:

TCS is a well-known Indian multinational IT services and consulting firm that offer a wide range of IT-based products and services to help businesses improve their performance. It is committed to using innovation, technology, and collective knowledge to create a meaningful future.

  • Bosch:

Bosch is a significant worldwide technology and service provider with activities in four areas: mobility solutions, industrial technology, consumer products, and energy and building technology. With its own IoT Cloud, it provides revolutionary Industry 4.0 solutions.

  • Visa:

Visa is a global leader in digital payments, with the purpose to bring people together in the most creative and secure payment network possible. It is centred on innovation to keep up with the rapid rise of linked commerce. It’s capable of processing approximately 65,000 cashless transaction messages per second.

  • McAfee: 

Customers, industries, and governments recognize McAfee as a worldwide brand that values innovation, cooperation, and trust. With its uttermost security applications, it assists in overcoming the obstacle of cyberattacks in the digital revolution. It offers a variety of cloud security features, including a unified Cloud Edge (SASE), next-generation Secure Web Gateway (SWG), Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), and more.

Average annual salary (in US dollars): $120,000.

Roles and responsibilities:

  • DevOps Cloud Engineers come from any technical IT background and have strong communication skills. 
  • The person must be able to communicate with both the software development team and IT operations.
  • Scaling Cloud programmes, creating workflow procedures, assigning tenants, and so on are all critical.
  • Adding users to a Cloud infrastructure, adding rights, and modifying workflow processes and services to suit business objectives effectively is a customer-oriented task.

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