How to establish a career as a data manager?

data manager
data manager


  • A bachelor’s degree in math, statistics, computer science, or a closely related degree is required.
  • Strong mathematical and analytical abilities.
  • Capable of organizing and analyzing statistical data and findings.

Top institutes that offer the program:

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology-> Bachelor’s degree in computer science, data science, and economics.
  • ESSEC and CentraleSupelec-> Bachelor’s degrees in data science.
  • IE Spain-> Master’s degree in Data Science.

Top recruiters for this position:

  • Deloitte:

Deloitte is a global leader in auditing, consulting, financial advising, and tax services, among other things. Data engineers are responsible for maintaining the organization’s whole data ecosystem, which includes everything from data sources and databases to data storage solutions because storing this information as data.

  • Capgemini: 

Capgemini is a consultancy, technology services, and digital transformation firm that uses data to define the end of the database and then construct the corporate data strategy, including data quality standards, data flow across the organization, and data security.

  • Fractal Analytics

Fractal Analytics has established itself as one of the country’s leading analytics service providers. Several Fortune 500 firms from areas such as retail, insurance, and technology are among the company’s global clients. It has multiple branches across India that are hiring fresh employees.

  • Amazon: 

Amazon is one of the world’s largest e-commerce corporations well as one of the top data recruiters. Amazon is a data giant, and to grasp the magnitude of data, requires data engineers for its fundamental operations, ranging from marketing optimization, logistics, and inventory management to sales forecasting and even HR analytics.

Average annual salary (in US dollars): $64891

Roles and responsibilities:

  • The data manager evaluates a business’s or a company’s data requirements.
  •  To determine any limits, the data manager must do study and evaluation various sources.
  • Data managers should be able to use sampling procedures to compare and analyze data properly.
  • For management and other purposes, the data manager must also create thorough reports.
  • His responsibilities include teaching the assistant, creating computer programmes in various languages, and referring to past cases and discoveries to determine the best approach for collecting data and outcomes.
  • The manager defines and employs statistical approaches to address issues in fields such as economics and engineering.

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