HR Analytics Improve Hiring Quality and Caliber


HR analytics is a process of collecting and analyzing data to improve the employee work performance level and to find ways for hiring the perfect employee for the perfect job!!!

In this new modern digitized world, where anything u want could be gotten just by the snap of the fingers, employers are finding it hard to get high-quality employees for the job openings. In most of the cases not finding enough applicants won’t be a problem as companies receive mostly more than 250 applicants when there is a job opening. The real trouble lays in the finding of the perfectly qualified employee for the right job.

To solve this, all the companies around the globe could use HR Analytics especially these four techniques to improve the hiring quality of companies

Sourcing channel analytics:

The main thing that a company would have to do to improve the hiring is to know where your sourcing your candidates from. A historical assessment using HR analytics, done on the various sourcing channels must be taken and then the best channel shall be chosen. The sourcing channel metrics should be analyzed and tracked continuously. 

Company culture analysis:

According to a study recently done by LinkedIn, 90% of the workers who were surveyed said that they were open to new job opportunities, but 54% needed to know why they would fit in with another company. Employers need to understand the importance of the culture and environment in a company, and most of them have but they fail to analyze how effective their company culture is pulling in the right candidates. Using entry and exit interviews would help in solving this problem. And evaluating employee review sites like Quora, glass door.

Leadership analytics:

Many employees when looking for the best qualification and good experience seems to have forgotten to also look for good leadership skills and many such soft skills. And not seeing this in the existing employees would lead to increased turnover. So, it’s important that the skills like motivation, decision making, problem-solving, that make an ideal leader for the workplace to be found out by the employers to get the best out of the existing and the new employees.

Workplace performance analysis:

Tracking and analyzing workplace performance is a must to know about the working of a company to see if the hiring strategies are on the right track and if there is a success or not. Tracking of individual performance is required as from this, the high performing employees could be found and others could be given proper training. And this should not be made annual as tracking of real-time performance is essential.

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