IAS Signal is Enhanced to Include Total VisibilityTM Dashboard


Drive marketing outcomes with IAS’s Quality Path Optimization (QPO) Solution

MUMBAI: May 25, 2022 Integral Ad Science (Nasdaq: IAS), a global leader in digital media quality, today announced enhancements to IAS Signal that will incorporate the Total VisibilityTM solution via a new and improved dashboard. With this enhancement, clients can now access critical insights into their supply paths in one reporting platform, simplifying how they analyze and manage campaign performance. 

Advertisers will gain access to the complete Total VisibilityTM solution along with personalized support from our newly formed Outcomes team, enabling them to understand the true financial impact of their media quality and drive marketing outcomes.

“Brands and agencies want more visibility into their programmatic buys to understand what optimizations can improve campaign performance and drive high-quality supply paths,” said Lisa Utzschneider, CEO at Integral Ad Science. “Leveraging IAS’s QPO solution and metrics like qCPM will allow advertisers to identify the most effective channels for purchasing high-quality inventory at the most efficient cost”. 

IAS recognizes the importance advertisers place on understanding the supply path. We have also expanded our partner integrations, making Total VisibilityTM globally available with additional key platforms such as Xandr, Beeswax (now part of FreeWheel), Bidtellect, and more. We are working to support even more platform partner integrations this year with partners like MediaMath, Viant, and Adform.

Advertisers are approaching supply path optimization strategically and deploying strategies to seek high-quality media underpinned by efficient investments,” said Joshua Turner, Vice President of Product Management at Xandr. “With this integration, advertisers can now understand and optimize their digital campaigns, so they can also drive optimal marketing outcomes in addition to gaining financial transparency.”

IAS’s QPO solution, Total VisibilityTM helps buyers uncover inefficiencies within the supply paths allowing advertisers to optimize toward the most efficient and high-quality paths while campaigns are still in flight. With IAS’s QPO solution, advertisers can now: 

  • Verify media quality against IAS’s standard Brand Safety, IVT, and Viewability metrics,
  • Quantify media cost and understand the financial impact of blocked ads and the cost of quality inventory all in one place, 
  • Optimize media efficiency to unlock premium performance at efficient pricing

Total Visibility has been proven to increase advertisers’ programmatic campaign performance, delivering up to 22% media cost efficiency by reallocating spend to higher quality paths.


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