iCERT Reveals “Data Integration Initiative” to Better Public Safety Communications


The Industry Council for Emergency Response Technologies iCERT is the leading trade union particularly championing technology interests and software providers who help the public safety community. iCERT announces the formation of a comprehensive initiative to encourage successful integration and use of data in public safety operations that is the Data Integration Initiative (“DII”).

iCERT plays a major role in addressing public policy issues that influence funding, regulation, and the effect of established vendors and entrepreneurs in the emergency call, software, analytics, and response ecosystem. The DII will label new and more successful ways to perform mission-critical operations as remarkable amounts of data from an expanding number of source points are obtained and delivered to public safety communication centers. The DII includes operational, strategic, and educational goals inclusive of recommendations linked to the basic areas impacting the future of public safety data such as management, technology, analysis, privacy, security, and funding.

A wide variety of companies helping the public safety community have joined the DII’s launch as a division of four sub-working groups:

Data Value – Recognizing which data integrations give the most value in terms of boosting public safety response.

Existing Data Integration – Inspecting successful examples of current data integration and how they function.

Data Integration Enablers and Roadblocks – Identifying factors such as governance, technology, funding models, and operational processes hindering or allowing data integration to give future success and improved public safety response.

Future Data Integration – Examining what new integrations will be expected as technology advances.

Ellen O’Hara, iCERT Board of Directors Chair stated that this initiative will focus on detecting innovate ways for our members to help public safety control and support the myriad sources of data now accessible in their mission to provide safe and stable communities. iCERT forecast hosting events and issuing the first outputs from the DII in late spring 2021.

iCERT supports for more and new public safety funding for all technologies and services and also promotes understanding and acquiring of advanced technologies in all public safety sectors such as Communications Networks, NG9-1-1, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Location Technologies, Recording, Data Integration, CAD, Cloud-Based Systems, LTE, LMR, Dispatch, and Cybersecurity.


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