Idea ‘Honey Bunny’ ad campaign goes viral, becomes highly successful


Idea has carried out some very popular ad campaigns in recent years such as its ‘Kya Idea hai Sirji’. The company looks forward to creating the same or even fiercer waves with its new ‘Idea Rings All India’ campaign popularly known as the ‘Honey Bunny’ campaign. The ring tone campaign aims to highlight the Idea connectivity across the nation. Honey Bunny was created by Lowe and the ad was released on the first of December, 2012. In less than half a month, the ad has gone totally viral with everyone sharing and ‘liking’ the jingle and many of them making it their ring tone.

The ad depicts people from the different parts of India singing ‘Honey Bunny’ song in various languages. At the end of the ad, a phone is shown ringing with the ring tone being the ‘Honey Bunny’ song. The concept is that, the phone belonged to a backpacker who was travelling across India and people who heard the ring tone of his phone made a song out of it.  The voice-over ‘Idea hai toh, phone will ring’ comes at the very end.

‘The Idea Rings All India’ campaign has been implemented keeping in mind the diverse nature of our country. It caters to all sections and regions, which means that a single ad reaches everyone at once. The ad focuses on the quality of Idea’s network from Kashmir to Kerala and how Idea will be able to ring a person’s phone, wherever they are in India.

Idea’s ‘Honey Bunny’ campaign has huge potential as this provides an opportunity for Idea to get new subscribers or convert subscribers of other network providers. The ad came at an apt time as none of the competitors are now focusing on network coverage. The other brands like Airtel, Tata Docomo, Uninor, Vodafone etc. focus on price plan, VAS, promotional offers etc.

The reason for Idea’s ‘Honey Bunny’ campaign becoming so popular in such a short time can be attributed to the Butler English used in the song which is funny and catchy at the same time. The jingle succeeded in identifying with the people very easily.

Idea Cellular has always made its ad campaigns by focusing on the masses. The campaigns reflect Idea’s brand identity, innovation and preciseness of getting the message home. It remains to be seen how ‘Honey Bunny’ can change things for Idea Cellular or if Idea would deliver the results promised in the campaign.

Watch ‘Idea Rings All India’/ ‘Honey Bunny’ ad here.