IDP invites students for the USA_UG event, providing them foundational ground for their academic and professional life


IDP is hosting an event, specifically focusing on Under Graduates, aiming to pursue higher education in the USA, the most-favored destination that opens up a whole new universe of prospects for foreign students.

28th March 2022, India: IDP, a global leader in international education services is hosting the USA_UG event. The core focus of the event is to help students prep up for their next academic journey, a Bachelor’s degree, from one of the most coveted study destinations, the USA. The country, being home to some of the best higher education institutions across the globe, receives a plethora of admission applications, which flares the competition far beyond the usual mark. Facilities like modern infrastructure, high-quality education, networking with industry professionals, internships, assistantships, Optional Practical Training (OPT) and research opportunities add to the country’s popularity among students. Considering the pressure and exceeding competition, IDP is bringing a well-designed counselling-cum-networking event for prospective students, making them aware about the key admission requirements to help them proceed ahead full sail.

Over the recent years, there has been a constant change in the UG Market for the USA in India. The number of students interested in pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in the USA has gone up tremendously. Students are now interested in building a strong academic foundation for themselves right from their Under Graduate degree. They are equally aware of the boons such as international exposure, living and studying in a culturally diverse environment and quality of education in the USA, which has encouraged them to opt for the country as the destination for pursuing their higher studies.

Piyush Kumar, Regional Director (South Asia) IDP Education, says, The teaching methodologies and the quality of education offered by the US are among the finest that one could wish for. We know that a Bachelor’s degree from the US opens up a whole new universe of prospects for a foreign student, thats the reason we have come up with this event. It will include direct counselling and interaction session with the leading industry experts of US education for students who are interested in studying there.”

IDP understands that the transition from high school to college or university is an adventurous ride for students. This shift brings along varied skillsets which serve as a foundation necessary to excel in their academic, professional as well as personal life. It includes becoming at home in hard and soft skills like communication and presentation skills, confidence to address a large group, forecasting trends and analyzing data through advanced tools. Besides, students also learn to become self-sufficient, develop an unbiased perspective and form a new network by meeting and interacting with a lot of people. Through this event, IDP wants to ensure students that it is with them throughout this phase which pushes individuals to go beyond their comfort zone and gain great skillsets that last a lifetime.

The event will help students in gaining a better understanding of what to expect, which course to go for, the admission process and related requirements. It will prepare them for the next intake along with informing them about updated regulations, revised by the country in the post-pandemic times. The country’s new admission processes are more flexible and student-friendly and include exam waivers including lifting off admissions examinations like the SAT/ACT. In addition, the United States is known for providing the most generous scholarships to overseas students, which brings down students’ tuition rates by around 50-70 per cent. Besides, the US education system allows students to construct their own Bachelor’s degree by providing them with a large pool of electives to choose from in addition to the core subjects. Post the completion of such a customized course program, students feel competent enough to jump into the job market or take the route of advanced research. Students can also opt to use their OPT period to get industry experience through full-time employment in the United States before pursuing a Master’s degree. The event will cater to all the students’ queries regarding different options and scenarios ranging from pre-admission to post-course completion, to help them avail the best opportunities both education and career-wise.