IIM Lucknow and Emeritus launch ‘Digital Transformation and AI for Business Leaders’ Programme to shape the next generation of AI leaders

IIM Lucknow and Emeritus launch 'Digital Transformation and AI for Business Leaders' Programme to shape the next generation of AI leaders
IIM Lucknow and Emeritus launch 'Digital Transformation and AI for Business Leaders' Programme to shape the next generation of AI leaders

This 11-month programme is designed to help leaders gain comprehensive insights into the intricacies of digital transformation and AI, cultivating the ability to design and execute end-to-end strategies and build strong next-generation businesses

Bengaluru: The world of business is experiencing a massive transformation with the integration of rapid technological and digital innovation. In light of this ongoing evolution, it is essential for CXOs to understand the new-age digital technologies and their impact across industries and products or services in order to achieve long-term business success. Recognising the need for upskilling within the leadership roles, the Indian Institute of Management Lucknow (IIM Lucknow), a leading business school, has partnered with Emeritus, a global pioneer in offering accessible and affordable high-quality education to individuals and organisations, to launch the Digital Transformation and AI for Business Leaders Programme. 

This high-impact 11-month programme is curated for experienced executives, CXOs, business owners and entrepreneurs aiming to elevate their strategic acumen in digital transformation and AI and capitalizing on emerging technologies, and strategically positioning ventures in the digital age. It also caters to senior managers and team leaders in tech-driven sectors, empowering them to enhance leadership skills, understand digital business models, and stay abreast of technological advancements. It unites a diverse cohort with a shared goal – navigating disruption, leveraging technology, and ensuring sustainable growth in the evolving digital landscape. 

In an era where digital transformation is paramount, upskilling in AI and machine learning emerges as a critical imperative. A report by KPMG underscores this urgency, revealing that among leading businesses prioritizing technology investment for profitability, a resounding 68% identify AI and machine learning as indispensable to their short-term plans. In a tech-driven business landscape, AI and machine learning expertise empowers professionals to navigate disruption and contribute significantly to short-term viability and long-term success.

This programme includes live online sessions conducted by the esteemed IIM Lucknow faculty. It also includes a 3-day campus immersion for networking with CXO peers, along with a capstone project, business simulations and real-world case studies. The programme covers key aspects of emerging technologies such as cloud services, low code development, AR VR Metaverse, IoT, digital twin, blockchain, and addresses business case and adoption issues. It also explores AI, disruption, and digital transformation, examining automation versus augmentation, leveraging AI for transformation, and integrating AI into Blue Ocean Strategy. The economics of new business models are explored, focusing on markets, cost structure, scale economies, and multisided platforms. 

Commenting on the launch of the programme, Mohan Kannegal, CEO, India and APAC, Emeritus, said, “We are committed to bringing high-impact programmes for professionals to upskill in this rapidly evolving business landscape. TheDigital Transformation and AI for Business Leaders’ programme offers a unique opportunity for leaders to delve into the nuances of new-age digital technologies, fostering a deep understanding of their cross-industry implications. We are excited to partner with an esteemed institution such as IIM Lucknow to bring this programme that has a focus on change, disruption, innovation, and future business models. It will help participants not only develop strategic insights but also cultivate a mindset that perceives disruptive technologies as tools for thoughtful analysis and business growth.”

The eligibility for this programme includes Graduates with a minimum of 10 years and Postgraduates with minimum eight years of work experience. This programme will commence on March 30, 2024, with a fee of INR 3,84,000 plus applicable taxes. Upon successful completion of the programme, participants will be awarded a certificate of completion and will be eligible to receive IIM Lucknow’s Executive Alumni Status which includes various benefits such as executive alumni status, and access to IIM Lucknow’s newsletters, among others.