Impact of COVID-19 on mobile marketing and advertising industry


COVID-19 has impacted all sectors in one way or another. Advertising and mobile marketing have also had their fare share of losses. Needless to say, most companies have reduced their marketing spend till the situation comes to normalcy.

With the worldwide economic slowdown with the lockdowns and social distancing due to COVID-19, businesses, industries, economies are all coming to a sudden halt. Initial reaction of most business owners and marketers was to ‘wait and watch’ the situation as it was new experience for us all.

This pandemic has had their effect on all sectors and most companies have cut down their spending on marketing and advertising till the situation stabilizes. However, as most consumers are indoor businesses have shifted their focus from traditional marketing like print and are more focused on digital advertisements. It is found that the screen time of most people amid the lockdown has increased by 3-6 hours and digital advertisements is a good way for businesses to get the consumers attention.

The consumers amid lockdown have increased the use of e-commerce for purchase of products even groceries and subscription to OTT entertainment platforms have also increased drastically. It is evident that these behavioral patterns of consumerism will stay with people even after the post COVID-19 era.

Advertisers and marketers are finding new tactics for the post COVID era as it is clear that without digital adaptation it is impossible to survive in the future.Also, with the recession on the way along with the post economic effects of COVID-19 businesses will surely have an impact on their marketing budget which includes advertisements and mobile marketing a well.

When the recovery of economy starts after COVID-19 most businesses will look to new strategies in marketing and ads, especially e-commerce and new found internet based businesses.

With the fact that most challenges bring in more opportunities, advertisers are optimistic that the lockdown’s behavioral impacts on consumers can be used to approach them through digital platforms as advertisements through digital media is less costly and also digital ads will have a far better outreach than traditional advertisement.


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