Importance Of Customer Experience In Today’s Business Landscape

Importance Of Customer Experience In Today's Business Landscape
Importance Of Customer Experience In Today's Business Landscape

Interactions between brands and customers have become more dynamic and personalized, allowing deeper engagements and real-time feedback

Customer experience (CX) has been in focus since the early 20th century. It has now acquired even more importance for businesses in the age of social media. Earlier, CX was largely a one-way street, as businesses utilized marketing tools and competitive pricing to woo customers. In the 21st century, things have changed dramatically. 

Importance of CX

With the power of social media, customers now have a greater say in influencing a brand’s reputation. Even a single viral image or video can make a significant impact. The opposite is also true, as brands can utilize social channels to shape perceptions. 

Customer experience is a key part of this strategy. The idea is to track customer touchpoints and respond promptly and positively to develop a strong emotional connection. With a dedicated framework to ensure the best possible customer experiences, businesses can gain an edge over their competitors. 

A lot many goals can also be achieved such as customer loyalty and retention, enhanced brand reputation and reduced litigation. Revenue can be increased by implementing dedicated customer centric programs. With regular feedback and suggestions from customers, businesses can improve their existing products/services and/or launch entirely new ones.

Role of tech in CX

With thousands of engagements every day, tech has emerged as a savior for businesses keen on improving their customer experience. A wide variety of tools are available such as AI-powered chatbots and advanced machine learning algorithms. Voice-based systems with inbuilt AI are another great way to resolve customer issues. 

Tech tools can work in a 24/7 environment and significantly reduce the cost associated with customer experience initiatives. Tech has also allowed businesses to access deep insights into customer behavior. It has been playing a key role in helping improve product/service offerings.

Game Changer Series – CX-EX Show 3rd Edition

For folks wanting to get more detailed insights into customer and employee experiences, the CX-EX Show 3rd Edition proved to be the perfect platform. The CX-EX Show 3rd Edition was held on March 14, 2024 at the Radisson Blu, Delhi Airport. The event provided a great opportunity to learn from industry leaders, understand the challenges facing CX-EX fulfillment, discover innovative CX and EX solutions being developed, connect with like-minded professionals and get to know the latest tech tools being used to improve CX-EX. 

A large group of prominent industry leaders attended the CX-EX Show 3rd Edition to share their views and experiences. It included top-management executives from leading businesses such as Tata 1MG, PVR Cinemas, Adidas, Bajaj Capital, SBI Card, SAP, Magicbricks, Bata, Cleartrip, Hindware, Ecom Express, Tata Power, Lenovo and Tech Mahindra. The event was sponsored by Uniphore, CS Infocomm, Cleartouch, REZO and SAP. Supporting the event were media partners Silicon India and .