India Today breaks revenue records


India Today, India’s leading and most readable magazine, sponsored by two innovative distribution channels and institutional relationships is a series of record-breaking.

India Today’s 46th Annual Edition has reached the stakes this Christmas with a massive 25% growth.

In its 46th anniversary, India Today will feature Indian Tomorrow publishers – those 40 years and under – businessmen, politicians, musicians, activists, scientists, composers, writers, artists, lawyers, and lawyers and officials – who are Indian workers.

Included are young digital people like Sriharsha Majety, Swiggy founder, star producers like Aman Gupta, boAt founder, artists such as actor Alia Bhat and filmmaker Karthick Naren, politicians like Tejashvi Yadav, Aditya Thackeray Surya, activists like Disha Ravi and young writers like Manu Pillai and Nisha Susan, Scientists like Ravi Prakash and others.

Since the second closure limits were lifted earlier this year, both Newsstand Sales and subscriptions have been on a high growth path giving the magazine a healthy growth rate of more than 14% per month.

This post-epidemic hotline has led to the magazine receiving more than 80% of its pre-lockdown (March 20) distribution until Nov. 2021. This growth is driven by the rethinking of a proven strategy for creating more distribution channels.

These channels include grocery stores, such as Spencer’s, Patanjali Mega Mart, Milk Booth, grocery stores, etc. In retrospect, India Today Group quickly shifted its focus to the tourism industry.

Bonds and chains of major tourist stores such as WH Smiths have been strengthened, as a result, retail prices from these stores have now risen to 10% above their pre-covid levels. Air India has also resumed offering India Today on its top-class flights.

To meet the growing demand for airports in India Today, Air India has had to increase its trip to its pre-COVID facilities.

India Today Group, which has a large magazine distribution network nationwide, also distributes more than 30 editions from 12 national and 3 international publishers, in addition to its products. We will implement new distribution channels for all our business partners, which will bring about a level economy again.

This large collection of magazines has also helped us to strengthen our relationship with major tourist stores such as WH Smiths as the bulk of the magazine sales in these stores come from products offered by India Today Group.

With the general data and support data analysis, we provide, sales prices from these stores are now back to pre-covid levels. With the holiday season approaching, we are expected to grow even stronger.

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