Indian Snacking brand, 4700BC takes Popcorn to the FIFA World Cup’22

4700BC at FIFA World Cup'22 Fan Zone
4700BC at FIFA World Cup'22 Fan Zone
  • The premium snacking brand is fighting all odds and expanding the Indian brand globally
  • 4700BC’s exclusive range of ready-to-eat products and Microwave popcorn can be spotted in the FIFA Fan zones

New Delhi, India | November 30, 2022: India’s leading premium snacking brand, 4700BC, continues to disrupt by making their entrance to the most famed list as one of the few Indian brands representing India at the world’s most prestigious sports tournament – The 22nd FIFA World Cup in Qatar. 4700BC has been present at a highly coveted world event that started on November 20 and will be present until December 18, 2022. The exquisite variety of their products has been displayed on the shelves of the global tents of the FIFA World cup, representing and catering to consumers attending the event from across the globe. 

Offering an assortment of gourmet popcorn, 4700BC expanded from a single store in the capital in 2013 to now having  presence in nine international markets. 4700BC shaped the popcorn category in India, and now their craft in popcorn making is gaining momentum globally. The brand today is present at the FIFA Fan Zones in Qatar and has some of the most innovative and hassle-free options in their ready-to-eat and snacking category. Their most loved and inventive range of microwave gourmet popcorn and ready-to-eat sweetcorn is available in multiple flavors like Sriracha Lime Cheese, Hawaiian BBQ Cheese, Belgian Choco Caramel and Himalayan Salt Caramel, and sweetcorn flavors such as Lemon Pepper, Barbeque, Natural and Butter cater to different taste preferences. 

4700BC is on a quest for innovation and disruption in the food and beverage category while also diversifying their offerings. This massive step has assisted the brand in their global expansion, scaling to expand operations in addition to the already existing markets.

“We are overwhelmed to be part of a global tentpole event like the FIFA World Cup. It seems surreal, plus it’s music to my ears to hear that they have been going ga ga over Popcorn, even in Qatar. It was always a dream to build a Global Brand,” said Chirag Gupta, Founder of 4700BC.


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