India’s Job Market Recovering back: Hiring gets Pace?


The outbreak of the corona virus disease had almost affected all the segments of the economy leading to job loss, and financial crisis in many organizations. Covid-19 pandemic has caused a major disruption in several sectors due to the continuous lockdown imposed by the government to restrict the spread of the disease. After five long months of the lockdown, the Government has eased several restrictions on the lockdown to support and stabilize the economy.  

With a lot of people getting back to work, the Hiring has picked up a fair bit of pace in the last one month. The good news is that more multinational companies are beginning to move more work to India and are expected to start hiring for their global technology, R&D, and for other vacant requirements by the end of the year. HR Consultants say that the hiring process has almost reached to 70% of the pre-covid 19 levels with companies quickly filling up the vacant positions. 

Specialization in Risk Management and business continuity seem to be more concerned at this point of time. Experts in the field of technology artificial intelligence, machine learning, data sciences are in big demand because most of the companies are moving towards Information Technology. The companies are increasingly focused on doing business online and the concept of e-shopping has majorly picked up during this covid-19 situation. Saree manufacturers are seeking Help from IT industry to build up their websites. Many Organizations are looking to analyze the data and take important decisions in their business. Visual Merchandising has also been given importance by the businesses.  

The skills, companies are looking for relate to Digital Transformation as well as technology, engineering and data-sciences. The skills which are in demand are e-Commerce, SaaS, Gaming, Performance Marketing as well as in the mobility sectors. 

The list of sectors where the recruitment is seeing a pick-up are the Pharmaceuticals (Local and MNC), e-commerce, Gaming and Mobility. Cyber security and insurance are also some of the fields in which the recruitment is increasing in a faster pace. Apart from requirements from the technology side, companies also require new doctors and health care workers for Instance. Banks are searching for digital experts as they prepare for the next wave of transformation to contact less banking. 


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