Indya launches the ‘Main Naari’ campaign to celebrate International Women’s Day


An ode to the millennial Indian women of today, empowering them to choose themselves first

New Delhi, 8th March 2022: Indya, a world of fashion where tradition fuses with modern aesthetic, has launched a powerful women’s day campaign ’Main Naari’. Celebrating the indomitable spirit of women, and the embodiment of power that exists within womanhood—the campaign aims to urge every woman to take a step towards empowerment and break down all barriers that are holding them back.

The millennial Indian woman is confronted with tough life choices every single day—constantly battling between Indian perception and living life on her own terms. The campaign video features women that are strong and resilient and are seizing ownership of their lives by standing up for their dreams and individuality. They are the new faces of triumph and strength, the true embodiment of courage and self-love—charting the road less taken irrespective of all the hurdles that await. The film celebrates the female spirit in all its glory. Each of these women believe in supporting other women as it’s together that they can make a better world for the future ‘Naari’.

Speaking of the campaign, Tanvi Malik & Shivani Poddar, Co-Founders & CEOs, Indya share, “Indya was born out of an idea to create a world of fashion that is refined, holistic and ever-evolving both in terms of its designs and narrative. Our campaign ‘Main Naari’ is an ode to all the strong women who are owning their lives by standing up for their dreams, their independence and individuality. We urge them to believe in who they are, accept who they are, nourish and cherish who they are, because they are a NAARI, because they are ENOUGH! Our film speaks to every woman we know or might cross in the busy streets of our country—to the obedient daughter, the skinny girl, the mountain climber, the single mother; to the employee, and the employer. And all we want to do is remind them of the incredible life force that they are, to continue to be unstoppable and celebrate all that they are.”

The campaign film has been created and conceptualized by the in-house team of Indya. It will be followed by a photo series featuring stories of strong women with inspiring stories about their lives on Indya’s Instagram.