InMobi associates with Human to secure mobile app advertising


Human, a cybersecurity company that preserves enterprises from attacks has partnered with InMobi.

InMobi is a provider of marketing and monetization technologies.  This partnership combines Human’s MediaGuard solution aims to generate direct and fraud-free app advertising with real-time clarity and active safeguard against malicious activity.

This partnership marks a collaborative effort to disincentivize cybercrime by promoting the outcomes and cost of scams through shared resources and collaboration across the industry.  This forecast will see mobile account for 75% of total digital ad spend.

Connected with global smartphone selection mobile advertising is particularly engaging to bad actors. InMobi’s partnership with HUMAN and deployment of MediaGuard across all of its records reflect the continued commitment by InMobi to defend mobile advertisers from fraud while also strengthening HUMAN’s mobile fraud capabilities.

As programmatic proceeds to rise in popularity across APAC, the direct union with HUMAN assures that to continue to augment the promise of trust and transparency the channel brings by opposing all forms on the InMobi Exchange. Becoming a member of The HUMAN Collective, where we can unite resources, share learnings, and innovate solutions faster by collaborating more closely with other ecosystem companions.

HUMAN is the first solution in the space to be fully recognized by the Media Rating Council for end-to-end coverage against advanced void traffic for desktop, mobile web, and more. Also, include accreditation for pre-and post-bid detection, which is especially challenging to identify as fraudsters attempt to imitate genuine user behavior.

Partnership with InMobi assures that customers and partners will be protected from developing forms of SIVT background ad activity, spoofing, measurement manipulation, and more while ensuring fraud filtering and measurement across the platform, covering 100% of the record available on InMobi Exchange. 

Tamer Hassan, the CEO of Human, said, To maintain the growth digital advertising needs a trusted marketplace and strong partnerships. With its global leadership of the mobile in-app market, this partnership with InMobi strengthens HUMAN’s ability to fight against advanced cybercrime and create a more trusted environment for digital advertising. In InMobi’s whole, union with MediGuard rises, its strength to allow brand-safe transactions within its exchange.

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