Innovations helping beat COVID-19


Shycocan or Scalene Hypercharge Corona Canon is one of the many innovative products which are either hitting or getting ready to hit the markets to provide safety, hygiene, and freedom from fear of the virus infection among the end-users, as the economy opens up under Unlock 4.0. 

Shycocan is a small plug & play drum-like device with a special alloy that neutralizes the viruses in the atmosphere in a closed space. Shycocan is developed by Organization de Scalene and is now marketed by Eureka Forbes. The device is cleared by the regulators of the United States and the European Union.

Coronavirus has spike-like proteins, which they use to latch on to the living cells. The electrons released from the device can neutralize the virus, and hence an attenuated virus enters the body. The device which can clear 1000 square feet of coronavirus, was discovered by accident.

The innovative products like Shycocan are developed by people from startups, and R&D departments of IITs and philanthropic organizations. These devices are either commercialized or are waiting for manufacturing partners to scale up production.

 Airlens Minus Corona is another product which is developed by PerSapien Innovations, which simply uses normal tap water to deal with the viruses on-air or surface. The device can be built to size from small rooms to large spaces. The device plays with the properties of water to convert it into antiviral droplets which are dispersed in the environment to kill viruses in the air or surface.

Educational institutions like IIT Kharagpur and Guwahati are developing devices that can be scaled up for the marketplace like using artificial intelligence (AI) based systems that can capture pictures of public places to calculate the social distance between individuals and send alerts if social distancing protocol is violated.

Students of IIT Guwahati has developed a mobile application called “Flyzy” to provide a safe, seamless, and contactless air travel experience to passengers by providing a contactless flight boarding facility by contactless easier baggage drop, manageable parking, etc.

The Ayurveda has also inspired scientists to create a herbal based immunity-boosting room freshener product called “Healthy Air” to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Various businesses are looking for technology and innovation that could help smoothen its operations under unlock 4.0 while ensuring safety and hygiene.