International Women’s Day at Embassy Group: Breaking the glass ceiling with age old myths around women centricity at the workplace


On this meaningful day, Embassy Group recognises the achievements of women as they continue to foster an inclusive culture that values diversity


7th March 2021: Look around, and you’ll notice that women are powerful agents of change. Women as leaders, as decision makers at all levels are crucial to advancing gender justice and equality and furthering economic and social progress for all. Staying relevant to this, this International Women’s Day, one of India’s largest real estate conglomerate – Embassy Group creates a story led campaign in line with the theme “Choose To Challenge”.

The conglomerate that always thinks future first, with this campaign tells beautiful stories of women at Embassy and celebrates all facets of womanhood at the workplace. The premise of the campaign is to showcase how Embassy and its entities have constantly challenged these norms to create an inclusive workplace and ecosystem. While real-estate has traditionally been a male dominated industry, Embassy Group has been at the forefront with a higher percentage of women in leadership positions, visibly seen in the campaign video. The video celebrates the women of Embassy who not only challenge but shatter every stereotype and notion that exists.  Following this year’s theme #ChooseToChallenge, it highlights their excellence that are opening the doors to opportunities, building trust and breaking myths,  accelerating growth and progressing towards a future first world.

Celebrating gender inclusiveness, Mr. Vineet Singh, Group CMO, Embassy Group, commentedThe last 20 years have witnessed a massive change in the social fabric of our society where increasingly women are making a mark for themselves in every sphere of life which also includes the corporate world. The real-estate sector is no exception which is gradually seeing more women take important roles be it in the leadership team and frontline roles. At Embassy Group, keeping in line with our future first vision, we have constantly strived towards creating an inclusive workplace with equal opportunity for all, where women employees have always played a pivotal role in every level of the organization. Keeping this in mind, our women’s day digital video is our small effort to celebrate these achievements by showing how women are constantly opening the doors to a future first world where conversations happen on an ‘individual’ level without gender playing a role in it.”

Ms. Sonia Khurana, COO, Digitas, India says, When the idea of creating a video to celebrate women on IWD came up, our collective reaction was that it would be a cliche. But it soon sunk in that dismissing it is the real cliche. The reality demands constant reminders to claim what is rightfully ours and the inclusive Embassy culture made it organic and easy for us to craft this video. Why shy away from telling the truth, especially when it can have a positive domino effect in the industry and the world at large.”


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