Internet of Things – The Future amidst Covid 19


The world is currently going through a lot of changes due to the Pandemic COVID -19. Changes are inevitable and humans become adaptive to those changes instantly. One of the changes or evolution to point out is “Technology & Innovation”. These two are significant terms and are interrelated. In addition, technology & innovation are undergoing rapid advancements and improvements as the year goes on.

To start with, the term “Internet” is familiar to all of us. With the help of the internet, we are able to discover and gain new knowledge about millions of topics. If we look in our daily lives the internet has become a part of us. It is easily available and accessible in our electronic gadgets or devices like PC, mobile phones, laptops etc. Internet of things or IoT is a buzzword. It is simply a network of interconnected devices, objects or appliances that surround us every day. The role of IoT devices is to constantly gather and transmit the required data through the internet. Some of the examples of IoT are thermostats, smart speakers, cars, electronic appliances etc. Wearable technology such as smart jewellery, fitness trackers etc also come under the category of IoT.

According to the Forbes report, there are 3 ways every company should prepare for the Internet of things. On following the 3 ways the company might get certain benefits from the IoT.

  1. Revisit your business strategy
  2. Consider opportunities for smart products
  3. Think about the data involved.

Emerging technologies (ETs) include blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of things (IoT). There are relevant updates with regard to IoT. Our PM Narendra Modi has decided to double the income of the farmers in the agriculture sector by leveraging these emerging technologies.

The industry executives and analysts stated that the disruption of Covid-19 will trigger a boom in the market for the Internet of Things or connected technologies. The awareness of these emerging technologies or IoT will be in high demand in the upcoming future. I will serve the purpose of all the sectors and will be beneficial to them in the near future.

  “IoT has always existed as an automation tool but with this disruption will enhance the application of IoT says Alok Bhartiya (head of IoT business unit), Tata Communications.


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