Introducing first-ever paper-based laundry detergent Bottle – Unilever


Unilever a consumer goods company is taking a big step in its sustainability strategy with its new technology. Their aim is to develop products that are purposeful and to make positive impact on the world also more over based on needs of the consumer.  Based on that, Company recently announced that by 2022, First ever paper based laundry detergent bottle. It also set to make debut in Brazil along with others. Creating a recycling paper based packaging without any additional plastic layers is a challenging task. But, Unilever setup with a new prototype in developing leading laundry brand i.e.; OMO brand which is also known as Persil, skin and breeze. This new technology has been developed in partnership with pulpex, which is the right step to try this innovation for products. The pulpex technology enables the production of plastic free, a single mold bottles for consumer goods products also a variety of liquids. Also the pulpex technology offers a better solution which can significantly minimize the use of plastic. Not only Unilever many companies collaborated with the pulpex.

The first ever paper based liquid products are made of sustainable sourced pulp and also designed based on recycling in paper waste stream. The packaging liquid products in paper based bottles has to be done various tests to see how they perform in real time situations from transportation to storage in damp environments. The bottle is coated in a way that repels water, packaging material to hold liquid products which contain surfactants, fragrances and other. OMO bottes contains 72% less plastic and 50% post-consumer Recycled plastic.

Now- a- days people are most worried about the products which could be worse for the environment. So, keeping in mind the Unilever company came up with this new technology which will create awareness among the consumers and brings a drastic change in environment. Company also plans to create paper based bottles for hair products. Innovating new products which will not create any environmental issues will be great advantage to the industries and also will create huge impact on the products also new innovations will truly bring a shine light to the world.

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