Introducing Swiggy Pawlice: A Heartwarming Feature to Help Find Lost Pets

Introducing Swiggy Pawlice: A Heartwarming Feature to Help Find Lost Pets
Introducing Swiggy Pawlice: A Heartwarming Feature to Help Find Lost Pets
Swiggy, India’s pioneering on-demand convenience platform unveiled an innovative addition to its app: Swiggy Pawlice. This heartwarming feature empowers pet parents to report a missing pet directly on the Swiggy app, harnessing the network of Swiggy’s delivery partners as compassionate allies in the search efforts.
Swiggy launched this feature in the presence of Shantanu Naidu, General Manager, Tata Trusts, House of the Chairman and other pet parents.
Rohit Kapoor, CEO of Swiggy Food Marketplace said, “As a pet parent myself, I understand firsthand the worry and anguish that accompanies the thought of a pet going missing. While I sincerely hope that such a distressing event never occurs to any fellow pet parent, if it does, Swiggy Pawlice stands ready to be a dependable resource to assist them.”
Speaking on the occasion, Shantanu Naidu, General Manager, Tata Trusts, House of the Chairman said, “For a business like Swiggy to lead by example and take responsibility is exactly what we need to see in today’s world. We want the services we rely on daily to demonstrate empathy and mindfulness towards the world around us. With initiatives like the Tata Animal Hospital offering subsidized and free treatment for strays in need of lifesaving critical care, the ecosystem is now in place. All that’s left for us to do is to participate in animal welfare efforts and be a part of creating a better world for all beings.”
How this works
Reporting Missing Pets: Pet parents can report their missing pets directly through the Swiggy app, providing all necessary details and pictures.
Utilizing Swiggy’s Delivery Network: Swiggy’s vast network of over 3.5 lakh delivery partners play a crucial role in this initiative. Given they spend a good amount of time out and about, either delivering orders or resting between orders, Swiggy’s delivery partners are uniquely positioned to offer assistance. There have been numerous instances where their presence and mobility have proved invaluable, allowing them to readily lend a helping hand to those in need.
Intimating Swiggy’s Dedicated Team: If a delivery partner spots a missing pet, they simply need to inform a dedicated team at Swiggy, providing details and location. They have been communicated not to retrieve the pet themselves.
Sharing Information with Pet Parents: Swiggy’s team promptly shares the details with the pet parent, enabling them to visit the location and hopefully reunite with their beloved pet.
Celebrating Reunions: Swiggy acknowledges the importance of every reunion and celebrates the efforts of delivery partners who go above and beyond to reunite pets with their parents. These partners receive rewards as tokens of appreciation.
On April 11, National Pet Day, the company also unveiled the “Swiggy Paw-ternity Policy,” a pet policy for all full-time employees. This policy encompasses a range of benefits designed to support employees with pets, including pet adoption leave and the option to work remotely during the pet’s settling-in period. Employees are also entitled to casual or sick leave for pet vaccination or care in the event of illness or injury, as well as bereavement leave.