Is it marketing or branding what marketers do today?


Now if we ask this to a marketer whether they do marketing or branding, it is going to stir a hornet’s nest. It is widely believed that earlier companies used to undertake concentrated marketing efforts to sell their products or services but now what they do is branding. This is highly debatable looking at the quantum of money which marketers spend on different campaigns. According to Al Aries one of the world renowned Brand Specialist, marketers are not doing marketing nowadays, it’s branding what they are doing. Al Aries says the approach of companies is changing now and priority stands like Branding First, Sales Second and Revenue Third. Follow the link to read a beautiful article which he had written explaining that it’s not marketing what we do today, it’s branding.

It’s Not Marketing we do today, It’s Branding

Now what is your take on this? Is it marketing, is it branding or is it both but in varied proportions that the company’s do.



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