Ivo Ivanov on OTT and VoD, and gaming growth in India during covid-19


DE-CIX is an internet exchange operator whose international chief executive officer Ivo Ivanov said that the consumption of data in India has grown in the pandemic period, this demand is evident while observing the use of OTT and VoD’s.

DE-CIX in four locations has recorded a significant rise in internet usage by 192% since the country was affected by the pandemic. The operator has expanded its geographical presence to offer connectivity options to users spread across different locations around the globe.

For the period between February to December 2020, the consumption of OTT and VoD increased to 1317% and gaming grew to 1007%. The same was the case with social media sites whose data traffic grew by 210%.

Data consumption in rural India grew in comparison with urban areas by the growth was confined mainly to mobile data use.

Apart from virtual desktop and video streaming growth in India specific sectors are also taking initiatives to increase digital application and services in products across e-health to logistics, mobility applications, administrative services, in the finance sector, and agriculture. Although not caused by covid-19 the growth is accelerated by the pandemic.

Last year the company and introduced DE-CIX Enterprise Interconnection Federation services that enable firms to create their private groups or virtual private ecosystems.

By expanding to four more locations the company can internet content closer to people across India and have important markets connected by interconnectivity solutions. The company over the past 12 months has been able to demonstrate to the industry how the company had made an impact on the market by which they became the market leader with a customer base of over 310.

Digitization of entertainment, healthcare,  digitized cars, gaming, live sports, education will gain prominence in 2021.

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