iVOOMi Energy flags off New radio campaign to boost its electric scooter adoption


New Delhi, 23 September, 2022- iVOOMi energy, an electric mobility solution provider to 

educate customers about the benefits of owning an electric scooter, has introduced a radio campaign which is termed as – ‘Drive The Green’. The campaign is focused on the idea of creating awareness amongst the people and promoting the adoption of electric scooters in Tier II and III cities by showcasing the cost-effectiveness provided by an EV in comparison to ICE engines.

Conceptualised and created by ‘iVOOMi Energy’,  the campaign is a series of three radio jingles. The protagonist is caught asking his students a mathematical question. For which, the student’s humorous banter illustrates the effective range inclusiveness of iVOOMi’s electric scooter range. The campaign was initiated on 21 September, 2022 and will be mass-communicated to the audience for a tenure of one month.

Sunil Bansal MD and Co-founder, iVOOMi Energy said: iVOOMi amongst many other Indian EV manufacturers are in the process of shaping a greener future for our planet. We feel the adoption of electric vehicles should be widespread to even the remote places of our nation. With our best in class innovative vehicles we are quite confident to enter tier II & III cities and are ready for the challenges that tag along such as infrastructure independent riding technology etc. So, as the brand custodians, it was pertinent for us to highlight the benefits of our products to the audience

Its first phase of the campaign currently targets parts of Maharashtra and Chattisgarh and the idea is being communicated through the radio channels in the prominent two languages Marathi and Hindi. iVOOMi further has plans to create a series of campaigns to ensure mass awareness on electric vehicles and its adoption.