Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket launch


Next week, another billionaire and the rocket company are going into space.

Last week, Richard Branson got his wings on the plane of Virgin Galactic, a company that he founded 14 years ago, at altitudes over 80 kilometers above sea level, the paradise of New Mexico.

On Tuesday, Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the universe, will be huddled in a closet built by his rocket company, Blue Origin, with even bigger barrels which is more than 62 miles over west Texas.

When is the launch and how do I watch it?

Blue Origin expects the rocket to arrive at 9 am on Tuesday. The company will begin airing the ad at 7:30 is on its YouTube channel. The day coincides with the 52nd anniversary of Apollo’s 11-month increase.

What is the New Shepard Rocket and what will it do?

New Shepard, the Blue Origin spacecraft, is named after Alan Shepard who is the first American in space. Includes a booster and a box on top, which the passenger will have.

Unlike the Virgin Galactic spacecraft, New Shepard is more in the tradition of rockets, climbing the hill. Once the body is activated, its energy – hydrogen fluid and oxygenated fluid – leaves the body. separate the cabbage

The first booster lands up and down, much like the Holy Grail of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket. The cabbage fell minutes after launch, landed under a parachute, and was enslaved for not being shot by a last-second plane. The entire run should take about 10 minutes.

Is the new Shepard safe?

Blue Origin has introduced the New Shepard 15 times – with no one else on board – and the cabbage has always arrived safely. (On the first release, the booster fell out; for the next 14 releases, the booster went into order.)

During a flight in 2016, Blue Origin investigated the flight of the escape rocket from which the cabbage was pushed away from the clamp.

The fuel-oil rocket at the bottom of the crew captain fired for 1.8 seconds, producing 70,000 pounds of energy that are quickly dislodged the gearbox and diverted it out of the booster’s path. His parachutes were mounted and the locker arrived slowly.

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