Jim Sarbh opens doors to his ancestral home in Asian Paints Where The Heart Is, Season 6

Jim Sarbh opens doors to his ancestral home in Asian Paints

National, 23rd November, 2022: Along the coastline of Maharashtra on the outskirts of Mumbai where the sun glints through trees and waves rush to the shore, is a picturesque bungalow-by-the-sea. The charming heritage home of critically acclaimed actor, Jim Sarbh. In the latest episode of Asian Paints Where The Heart Is – Season 6, Jim takes viewers on a tour of his exquisite ancestral bungalow surrounded by a beautiful garden and trees that will positively take your breath away. 

Jim’s home is a beautifully built Spanish colonial style bungalow, with pronounced arches, open rooms, stunning balconies and a large patio peppered with white and blue outdoor chairs and a swing. A walk up the magnificent staircase leads to Jim’s bedroom and a large outdoor swimming pool, which rewards you with a breath-taking vista. Every corner of the home has a memory and every tree has a tale, which has been well-preserved by Jim and his family. 

The pristine white exteriors characterises a quintessential Parsi-style Bungalow, with pillars that flank the house and wooded shutter windows. Jim believes his space is an open home, not just in its architecture, but in the way he welcomes his guests. To him, “It’s a home for people, not just for one person.” 


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